Online reviews can make or break your business

Eight out of 10 people state that negative information found online made them change their mind about a purchasing decision, and 49% of consumers said they need to see at least a four-star rating before they choose to do business with a company.

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How GAP marketing benefits RV businesses

Whether it is expert advice from marketing authorities, conversations that lead to conversions, or a time-tested leads system, Gap Marketing helps RV dealerships fill the gap between the dealership’s website hundreds of shoppers that visit the site.

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Four things unhappy campers won’t tell RV park owners

Simply asking, “What bugs you about this campground?” yields a wealth of information unavailable from an online survey. After staying at more than 300 campgrounds across the United States, here are four areas (and simple solutions) where guests wish campground owners would improve.

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Most popular safe-for-work icebreaker questions

At Know Your Team, we put a lot of thought — and more than four years worth of research and fine-tuning — into crafting get-to-know-you questions that would be as non-cheesy as possible, and elicit meaningful and memorable responses from the team.

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The power of culture: How to attract amazing people

“Because culture is our number one priority, we’re willing to give up short-term profits or revenue growth to make sure we have the best culture. In fact, after orientation we offer people $2,000 not to work at Zappos. The ones who stay are right for our culture,” Hsieh said.

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