RV Daily Report to suspend weekend edition

Gerber said he plans to be traveling extensively between Arizona, Texas and Wisconsin for a few weeks, and keeping weekends open for travel will help ensure RV Daily Report can continue meeting is daily publishing schedule.

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Magnificent Five plus Awesome Threesome equals an amazing experience

When we see the towering cliffs, deep, rugged canyons, hoodoos, winding streams and rivers, individual and associated huge rocks, boulders and spires along with the interconnected ecological habitats and living creatures of all types, and are then unable to find the words, thoughts or expressions to display our inner appreciation, we may be offering the greatest compliment to nature.

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Volunteering: Work, play, serve

For the past five years, we have spent time helping others cleanup and rebuild after major disasters such as a tornadoes, ice storms, and major flooding. It has been an experience that we never would have considered had it not been for our ability to be mobile.

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Make a list, check it twice

Checklists are ideal organizing tools. Investing a few minutes scanning a checklist before each trip will go a long way to ensuring you don’t encounter any unpleasant surprises on your vacation or weekend away.

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Can people ‘hear’ the voice of God?

In the movie Breakthrough, a firefighter was convinced he heard a voice telling him to “go back.” He did, and Josh was found deep in the water. I know a lot of people don’t believe those “fairy tales,” and are prone to dismiss it as nonsense or hype. But it happened to me, too – twice.

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RV camping in the Big Apple

Careful planning of your driving route is critical since RVs are not permitted in New York tunnels and on the parkways, limiting your means of ingress and egress to and from the City. Downloading an NYC truck route map will help.

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From the archives: Podcast interview with John and Kathy Huggins

This podcast, which was originally released in January 2015, remains one of the most listened to episodes RV Daily Report has ever produced. It is being re-released as a Campfire Connection episode. It features an interview with John and Kathy Huggins, the founders of Living the RV Dream, who had been full-time RVing since 2005. They founded one of the most dynamic online communities of RV enthusiasts.

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RVing with the Elks

By Robert Gorden Almost everyone has heard of the Elks Lodges, more properly called The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the USA. This

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Mosquito defense in the great outdoors

Protecting against mosquitoes is not a daunting task. A few simple adjustments to an outdoor adventure can help keep mosquitoes from being true pests. Knowing about the mosquito will help to defend their attack, and help keep the outdoors enjoyable.

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Good Friday tradition still teaches lessons

As I watched The Passion of the Christ again this year, I paid attention to the various types of people and groups who were depicted in the film and the roles they played in executing Christ. It was profound because I saw myself as a member of nearly every group at some point in my life.

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Randy Fisher explains RV sales process in Episode 2 of Campfire Connection

There is a seven-step sales process that dealers generally follow that starts with the meet and greet, continues through the product presentation and demonstration, and culminates with the close. Randy describes each of the seven steps in details to help consumers understand what to expect along the way so they aren’t caught off guard when the salesperson seems to be guiding them toward a specific action.

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Things to see and do in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park. The park of parks. We had the awesome opportunity last year to spend five weeks in this beautiful haven of wilderness and wildlife. Now it is my personal mission to inspire as many people as possible to visit.

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10 tips for a stressless RV repair experience

Even though we had heard many horror stories of shop visits gone bad, we naively thought that if we crossed all our Ts, dotted all our Is, and were involved in the process including great communication, that surely our repair visit would be a positive experience. We were wrong.

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Ohio RV dealer’s son, 12, becomes accredited journalist

Student reporters, age 10 to 14, who are involved in the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps cover “news for kids, by kids.” They write about current events, breaking news, entertainment stories and sports events from their hometowns and on the national stage. He writes for an audience of 25 million students.

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How to inspect an RV for leaks

Even if you take care of your RV as best as you can, there are chances that the water may seep through the roof or even minute cracks in your windows and doorways. You need to inspect your rig regularly and thoroughly to ensure that things don’t get out of control.

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When minutes count, an RV ‘go bag’ is essential

Whatever you take with you in that bag may be all you have until the threatening conditions are over. Choose wisely and give it some thought. Your safety in emergency conditions is serious business, and preparation and knowledge can save your life.

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