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Schaeffer: Just how exposed are you?

Sadly, we live in a very litigious society. You can’t say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing or, worse yet, have the wrong thing happen that you had no knowledge of — without getting sued. However, knowledge is power and business owners can take steps to protect themselves.

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Extended stay vs monthly – What’s the difference?

(June 19, 2017) — In my home state of Texas, we have passed some very specific laws to remove RV parks from the housing realm (begin to think HUD – Housing & Urban Development) and place our parks in the transient or tourism category. The benefits of this are HUGE, to coin a phrase.

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Why P-R-I-C-E is a four-letter word for campgrounds

(April 13, 2017) — Most park operators don’t raise their rates without “anonymously” calling every campground within 50 miles and getting their rates. Then the goal is to be $2 below the highest one – God forbid you should be the rising tide that lifts all boats with the highest prices in the area, even if you are the highest rated!

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Who is your most important customer? – Part 2

(March 20, 2017) — Losing a customer hurts and getting them back is very tough psychologically and financially. Once a customer “cheats on you” and likes it — and gets treated like royalty from the competition — good luck getting them back!

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Who’s your most important customer and why?

(Feb. 22, 2017) — Anytime someone says, “Oh all my business comes from ______.” (you fill in the blank – internet, state guide, Good Sam, billboards, etc.) – I know they aren’t paying attention to their business. Nobody gets 100 percent of their business from a single source.

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Why bother with print advertising – Part 2

(Feb. 7, 2017) — Ads are becoming cleverer. With graphics software being what it is and realizing that less is MORE you can really catch a person’s eye so much easier. Don’t forget the demographics for your product or services. Consumers love a great print ad, which will likely drive them to your website!

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Why bother with print advertising – Part 1

(Jan. 30, 2017) — The print side actually provides credibility to the digital format and together they increase exposure. According to Pitney Bowes (you’ve heard of them) over 75 percent of small businesses use a combination of print and digital advertising.

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