Sense of pride, determination fuels N.C. campground operators

WILMINGTON, N.C. — According to Barb Krumm, president of the Carolina Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, it’s not entirely the money that keeps family campgrounds in business. It’s the relationships, reports

“How often do you meet the people in the hotel room next to you? Do you even want to? In a campground, just pop the hood of your truck and all your neighbors will come over to see if they can help,” she said. writes that plenty of families have had the chance to sell their land to developers, especially those perched on prime waterfront property. But a few that have hung on are adamant the land will stay what it has been for generations.

“This has been and always will remain a campground,” said Seamist Camping Resort manager Dottie O’Donnell.

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Kelly Cauthorn

Kelly Cauthorn

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