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Heard a rumor? Have inside information about an issue you think needs to be reported? Heard some good news? Can’t get an answer about something that frustrates you?

You’ve come to the right place.

RV Daily Report prides itself on being the RV industry’s truly independent news source. We take our job seriously in investigating and reporting ALL the news that impacts the RV industry, its campgrounds and RV owners.

Using the form above, you can submit a news tip or story idea that goes directly to Greg Gerber.

While including your contact information is not required, if you do, it would help in case we need more information to track down the story. Sometimes we’ll get an “official” response to your tip and wish to run it past you to see if it’s true or makes sense.

We never reveal our sources, unless you give us specific permission to do so. That’s one of the golden rules of journalism.

It is often through tips we receive online that we uncover and report some of the best stories of the year. Your help in spreading the news is greatly appreciated by our staff and our readers.


A note from the editor

RV Daily Report gets news tips almost every day. Some are about little issues, others are really big stories. But, some stories don’t get reported at all. Why?

Many people who submit news tips don’t provide any follow-up information, like an e-mail address or a phone number. Consequently, all we have is a suggestion. So, to get an answer, we’ll call the company directly and ask about the topic. Lacking details, we have to accept their answer.

This happened a few years ago with a story about an RV manufacturing plant where employees voted to unionize. RVDR received several news tips from people reporting the story. But the company wouldn’t confirm that a vote took place. So, no story could be published.

Most companies think they can keep stories from going public by failing to comment on them, and the managers are right — to a point.

Had the tipsters provided an e-mail address or phone number, the information is no longer a rumor, but something verified by an anonymous source. Two anonymous sources trump an official denial. Had two people allowed us to verify the facts or get additional information, we could have published the report.

RV Daily Report NEVER identifies its sources. But, we do need to know if news tips are credible, and we sometimes need a bit more information to go on in conducting our research. When submitting a news tip, please consider providing your e-mail address or phone number. Nobody will know who you are, except me.

Greg Gerber
Editor, RV Daily Report

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