Q. How do I subscribe to RV Daily Report’s daily or weekly newsletter?
A. By clicking here — It’s FREE!

Q. How can I submit a news tip or story idea?
A. By clicking here — You can remain anonymous.

Q. How can I advertise on RV Daily Report.  
A. Greg Gerber, the owner of RV Daily Report, can help you develop a plan to reach our diverse audience. For more information, click here.

Q. Do you offer RSS feeds?
A. Yes, you may obtain the RSS feeds for our blogs and articles by scrolling to the bottom of every page and clicking on the symbol that looks like the image to the right. That opens up our RSS feed page where you will find a large yellow box at the top of the screen. Simply click on “Subscribe to this feed” and it will open a new window. Just click on the subscribe button and that’s all it takes. You are also able to customize the feeds to restrict it to stories of a specific category, or simply use the default, which lists the 25 most recently posted stories.

Q. Were are your blogs?
A. Blogs are on the opinion page, which you can read by clicking here.

Q. How can I read more than just the lead paragraph?
A. If you click on the headline, it takes you to a larger story on our website. If you want to see even more, the last line of each story provides source information. You can often click on it to go to the original report.

Q. Where do you get your information?  
A. We constantly monitor news wires and get press releases throughout the day. We even research our own stories. When you click on a headline and go to the full story, the very last line of the page will tell you where we found the story. If we wrote it ourselves, it will mention RV Daily Report within the first two paragraphs.

Q. How can I submit a press release?
A. Simply e-mail it to editor@rvdailyreport.com. Generally, press releases are posted within minutes of our receiving them. Under most circumstances, all press releases received by 3 p.m. EST will be included in that day’s newsletter. As a general rule, follow these guidelines when submitting a press release:

  • Start with the city and state, like this:  PHOENIX, Ariz. —
  • Attribute editorial statements — those statements that make a product, company or person sound really good — to an actual person. Otherwise we add the words “according to a press release” at the end of each statement.
  • Close the release with a sentence describing how people can learn more. It may be a phone number, e-mail address, website or any combination of the three.
  • Pictures draw attention to releases. If possible, include an image.
  • Although PDFs often make press releases look really professional, the software used to create them inserts weird characters that often makes it difficult for our staff to extract data, and especially images, from the PDF. It is best to submit the release in a Microsoft Word document or text file and attach the image separately.
  • RV Daily Report edits every single press release that is sent to us to ensure that it complies with Associated Press style requirements as well as our own style requirements, as well as to ensure that all editorial statements are properly attributed.

Q. Why does a strange picture appear next to my comments?
A. The picture is called a gravatar or Globally Recognized Avatar.  You can select your own image or upload a picture by visiting http://en.gravatar.com. It’s free and once you register your e-mail address, the same picture will appear whenever you post a comment to any website that recognizes gravatars. Until you register a gravitar, our logo will appear next to your comment.