Advertising On RV Daily Report

There are many advantages to online advertising with RV Daily Report compared to print media. First, and foremost, is the ability to fully measure the results of your campaign, such as the exact number of people viewing your ad and determining how many people clicked on it. Other advantages include:
  • Immediacy — Get your message out TODAY, not several months from now. From a magazine’s advertising deadline date until the issue arrives in mailboxes can take as long as seven to eight weeks. At, from the moment we receive ad materials until the message begins appearing online can take as little as seven to eight minutes.
  • Flexibility — Change your message as frequently as you’d like, or start and stop your campaign to capitalize on key events or prime selling opportunities. At RV Daily Report, same day changes are the norm.
  • Cost efficiency — Compared to websites, magazines are extremely costly to produce. Online advertising costs much less, allowing you to get far more exposure for the same amount of money.
  • Much greater viewership — A magazine ad may be seen once by every person on the circulation list. Flip the page and the message is gone until the next magazine comes out. In the RV industry, most magazines have 12,000 possible viewers once every month or so. Advertising with RV Daily Report allows you to tap into thousands of opportunities for exposure every day.  According to Google Analytics, we average nearly 31,500 unique visitors to our website every month. Our daily newsletter is distributed to nearly 12,000 people every day.
  • Message frequency — Which is more effective in building a brand; one print ad published seven times over seven months, or 100,000 online ad impressions every 30 days?
Since its inception, RV Daily Report has revolutionized the way business professionals and RV users obtain and consume information about the companies, products and people involved in the industry. It has developed a reputation for providing all the news pertaining to the industry, not just the few stories an editor deems important enough for readers to see. By utilizing a stable of engaging bloggers, RV Daily Report will not shy away from tackling important issues that readers care about. And, we always give readers an opportunity to sound off on any issue or propose their own solutions to tricky problems — without having an editorial gatekeeper determine if the comment is “worthy” of publication. Every day we work to deliver the important news that impacts every segment of the RV industry, including dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, campgrounds and consumers.