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A message from RV Daily Report Editor Greg Gerber:

The mission of RV Daily Report is to publish ALL the news impacting the RV industry, and that amounts to nearly 550 stories every month.

We don’t believe in gatekeepers — editors who must determine what readers can and cannot read because of space limitations within the pages of their publications, or their own personal definitions of what “quality” news means to them. We link to every story we can find in a given day and let our readers decide if it’s important or of interest to them.

At RV Daily Report, we believe in giving people a forum to voice their opinions by responding to blogs or posted stories. Anyone can “step up to the microphone” and share a thought, idea or opinion. Through our anonymous news tip service, anyone can send us a story idea he or she feels needs to be investigated.

The staff at RV Daily Report is dedicated to covering all major segments of the RV industry — RV dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, campgrounds and even RV owners. Each segment plays a critical role in the ultimate success of the RV industry. We invite all players involved in the RV industry to have a seat at the table as the industry discusses and debates critical issues of the day.

Through its affordable and effective advertising programs, whether a company makes RVs, offers component parts and accessories or provides services to dealers and campgrounds, RV Daily Report is committed to providing industry businesses with an affordable, effective way to bring their messages to business owners and RV users alike.

In the end, RV Daily Report is not controlled by corporate media giants seeking to expand or promote their own empires, or to milk their publications for every penny of profit without providing a tangible benefit in return. We are committed to becoming THE independent public forum for the RV industry.

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