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RV Education 101 launches high-definition channel

(Feb. 22, 2016) — “Our goal with the new RV101 YouTube channel is to produce high quality RV videos, both in content and production in addition to organizing the site that is easy for viewers to navigate and search,” said Polk.

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RV Education 101 stays ahead of the curve

(Jan. 20, 2016) — RV Education 101 has continued to grow over the years, providing RV consumers with valuable education to keep them in the lifestyle. Find out where the company is headed as 2016 begins.

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RV Education 101 updates training videos

(Jan. 8, 2016) — “Some of our RV training video productions date back to 2001. A lot can change in that amount of time, so we made the decision to update our entire RV training library,” said Mark Polk.

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RV Education 101 completes vintage restorations

(Oct. 26, 2015) — “One of my passions is restoring classic automobiles so I thought it would be really cool to restore a time period correct classic truck to tow our vintage 1967 Yellowstone travel trailer,” said Polk. “After the travel trailer project was finished, I thought it was only fitting to find and restore a time period correct classic truck to tow the vintage trailer.”

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RV Education 101 releases October RV Consumer

(Oct. 5, 2015) — This month, Mark Polk highlights some RV trends for 2016 and offers his opinions on what to look for concerning these trends. For those people planning some fall RV trips, don’t miss the cold weather tips and cold weather maintenance articles.

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RV Education 101 releases new video app

(Sept. 25, 2015) — RV Education 101 developed the new video app which is faster, more convenient and provides additional functionality, like the capability to download videos directly to a device for offline viewing.

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RV Education 101 releases September magazine

(Sept. 1, 2015) — In the September issue of RV Consumer magazine, Mark Polk, co-owner of RV Education 101, discusses hitch receiver ratings vs. tow vehicle ratings as well as RV fall and winter safety awareness.

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