Day: March 31, 2019

Freedom may require a great effort for many people, ample compromise and significant life adjustments, but the resulting lifestyle makes the effort worthwhile.

Living the RV life is an attractive prospect for many retirees. The freedom and flexibility afforded by RV living is second to none. But just because you’re retired, it doesn’t mean you have to stop working.

Being onsite and actually viewing all it takes to bring an item from raw materials, to shelf ready products, leads to a memorable and enhanced learning experience where a student — or adult — is much more likely to understand, and retain, what they have learned.

Today’s guest is Tara Sage, the founder of RV Nomadic Living. She has been traveling the nation full-time for a number of years with her partner, Carl, to help others to embrace their dream of travel – well before they retire. Her goal is to help people get started on pursuing their dream – but faster. She does that through educational services on her website and one-on-one coaching.

The reason we never saw our work week reduced despite technology making our jobs easier is because we never lowered our desire for more stuff, bigger houses, better cars, more elaborate vacations and fatter bank accounts. We never learned the secret of being content.


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