Day: March 21, 2019

“In general RVX was well organized and the suppliers and OEMs had a great time networking. It was a great honor to be up on stage with Kelly Hogan to receive this award,” said Hire.

Today’s guest is Bonnie Worthington, the founder and CEO of RV Rental Connection, an international company serving RV owners and renters of all types of RVs. Many RV owners would likely consider renting out their RVs, if they knew how to do it in a way that won’t get them in trouble or cause them to lose money in the process. That’s where RV Rental Connection can help.

Galbreath was not only crowned the Top Tech, he was presented with a $10,000 grand prize for correctly diagnosing and repairing the sabotaged equipment in record time.

“The association began working with Ken and his newly found organization over thirty years ago,” said Sheffer. “His innovative ideas and his creative recommendations moved our association forward in the new digital world and taught us the value of branding.”

“If we embrace new ways to build, market and service our products, if we support our customers at every turn, if we innovate, excite and attract new consumers to our diverse outdoor lifestyles, the future of the RV industry remains very bright,” said Hugelmeyer.

“Anyone in the room tonight could see how much we all care about the impact women are making in our industry and how ready we are to empower each other,” said Carpenter.

This year’s conference theme, Race to Success, set the tone of the conference. The owner’s panels were very interactive with owners discussing safety and security, policy and procedures, and reservation systems, said DelVescio.

The Bannock County Planning and Development council approved some big changes to the fairgrounds RV park.

Whether it’s a permanent way of life or a practical way to satisfy your wanderlust, you may be surprised by how easily an RV provides the perfect solution for your lifestyle. It’s something automotive expert and TV host Rutledge Wood has enjoyed for years.

General RV has partnered with Boy Scouts of America to donate hundreds of tents to local youth.

Pie Town has a free “dry camping” campground and several little cafes that serve yummy country cooking and offer plenty of delicious homemade pies! Eat them there or take them with you fresh or uncooked frozen.

Mountain peaks rise nearly 2,000 feet from the desert floor, creating Sky Islands, and provide incredibly diverse geographic environments to host amazing biodiversity. In a short time, you can explore creeks, canyons, deserts, plateaus, mountains and one of the only remaining high desert short-grass prairies in America, the San Rafael Valley.

RV camping is nice because it means we have air conditioning during those dog days of summer. That said, RV air conditioners aren’t always able to keep up. In fact, in the heat of the day, those A/C units do very little to cool down a trailer or motorhome that’s sitting in the sun.

This is a great time for a family trip to one of the National Parks locations that shine light on these All-American stories.

It would be a longer drive in very cool temperatures and some drizzle on the roadways but we made our way westward into Louisiana and eventually pulled into Fontainebleau State Park. We are expecting more rain and much cooler temperatures in this area during our two night stay.

DriveTech’s all-new ergonomic steering wheel and column-mounted controls are paired with OptiView’s all-digital gauge display to create a more automotive-like feel, said Sippel.

Airstream is participating in Jackson Center Municipal Power’s EcoSmart Choice program. The program allows participants to purchase renewable energy certificates from wind, hydroelectric, or landfill gas projects offered through American Municipal Power.

The Arizona Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) will host its annual conference and expo April 16 and 17 at Vee Quiva Hotel and Casino in Laveen, Ariz.

Heavy equipment will be moved in the next week to remove the roof and other heavy material at the charred remains of a Forest River RV plant on the east side of the city.

The engine manufacturer is modeling the competition after a similar program it started in the United Kingdom. It resulted in Cummins adopting several new energy initiatives, including converting gas waste from the engine testing process into energy the company could use on site.


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