Day: March 17, 2019

Water is a strong attraction for campers. Many of us like to hear a bubbling stream or roaring river as we relax or prepare for a good night’s rest in a campground or RV park. But, flash floods caused by rainstorms or upstream problems can turn a relaxing weekend getaway into a nightmare.

“No. 1, consumers need to be educated about RVs. Without education, we make all the wrong decisions and spend our time fumbling around with a rig that doesn’t meet our needs,” said Cooper.

Whether you roadschool children or just enjoy lifelong learning, field trips are a top venue for education. Factory tours are a great way to support a community, understand what goes into the items that we purchase, and also help us understand what our purchasing dollars support.

While prayer is, indeed, effective, this type of general prayer often is not. Why? Because God knows you need a lot of things. So, which item on your lengthy list are you wanting him to address today?


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