Day: January 21, 2019

The SEMA Hall of Fame is designed to honor the leaders, innovators, creators, and enthusiasts who transformed small, burgeoning businesses into an industry worth more than $43 billion annually.

“We wanted to use the show this year as a platform to raise awareness about the importance of refreshing product selection, experimenting with mix and rethinking what should be in front of the counter and what can move behind it,” said Spaulding.

While they aimed to highlight Go Power’s innovative solar technology, the team from WGTV was also very interested in the people that made up the Go Power team — how the staff works together to develop and enhance products and support customers, the release explained.

Internally, the devices utilize the same rugged, weatherproof design and quality materials as the company’s shore power models, the company explained. Two versions are available, one with dual F-type male coax connectors, the other with one coax and one female Ethernet port.

Thor and Erwin Hymer Group (EHG) are currently negotiating appropriate revisions to the terms of the stock purchase agreement including adjustments to the purchase price and assumed liabilities as a consequence of the exclusion of EHG’s North American operations, which builds Roadtrek motorhomes.

“Other RV platforms are squeezing local RV owners out with high commissions and fees on top of that. ​Book It RV currently stands alone as the only RV rental site to charge a monthly fee instead of commission,” Estrada explained.

I was at a convention in Texas a few years ago when an industry journalist, who made hundreds of calls to campgrounds a year, was very honest and told attendees that 90 percent of them have people answering the phone that should NOT be answering the phone.

Long drives become hassle-free with 90 gallons of fuel onboard and entertainment features only a touch away. The amusement continues wherever the destination may be with a built-in movie projector screen in the Transfer Flow tool box, said Warren.

The letter stated that Robert Quine and Thomas Martin were appointed to oversee daily operations at Erwin Hymer Group North America pending an investigation related to a “zero tolerance policy.” Quine and Martin’s specific roles and titles were not identified.

An initial investigation has shown irregularities in the company’s reporting. EHG has initiated a detailed audit procedure involving external auditors.

“We have spent a great deal of time exploring available data as well as ethnographic trends in this space. The future of this sector is increasingly young-adults who value simplicity, transparency and value-driven experiences,” said Distad.

“Because culture is our number one priority, we’re willing to give up short-term profits or revenue growth to make sure we have the best culture. In fact, after orientation we offer people $2,000 not to work at Zappos. The ones who stay are right for our culture,” Hsieh said.

In his new role, Meiner will primarily focus on procurement, logistics, demand and supply planning, as well as inventory optimization. Meiner was previously the vice president of supply chain for Lippert Components.

“MORryde is committed to an aftermarket sales model that protects our dealers and retail partners. We believe an effective map policy is another step in this effort to partner with them as well as protect the integrity of the MORryde brand,” said Enfield.

(Jan. 21, 2019) — We’re ringing in a new year and welcoming our fifth year as full time RVers with a new travel segment called Dry Camping and Travel Tips with Levi!

(Jan. 21, 2019) — Every year there’s some new RV kitchen appliance that’s all the rage. But in our rig, the best RV kitchen appliances are low-tech and old school.

(Jan. 21, 2019) — Throughout our nearly seven years on the road, we’ve constantly been testing new gadgets, gizmos, and ideas to improve our RV Lifestyle. We’ve
also had the great benefit of talking to lots of other RVers and seeing what innovations they’ve made to improve their rigs!

(Jan. 21, 2019) — A little over 4 years ago I installed a 12 VDC FanTastic RV roof vent fan in the main living area of our Keystone Cougar trailer. I installed it mainly to help keep us cool when off-grid camping (aka boondocking) and for quickly removing excess moisture and cooking odors from the RV.

(Jan. 21, 2019) — A new effort is being made in Congress to designate the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore along Lake Michigan as a national park.

(Jan. 21, 2019) — The council will vote to authorize Mayor Melinda Mitchell to sign an amendment to lease with the state of Louisiana for Magnolia Park. The council also will vote to hire a part-time worker for the town’s Parks and Recreation Department.


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