Day: January 13, 2019

Las Cruces, the second largest city in New Mexico, is home to about 100,000 people thanks in part to hosting New Mexico State University. That gives the city a unique southwestern culture. However, the surrounding area offers several popular attractions all within easy driving distance.

More and more families are choosing intentional living in an RV as their American dream. Full-time RVers Chris and Kimberly Travaglino share tips on how make your transition to the RV lifestyle a success.

While a salesperson who does this for a living may approach a transaction more professionally and methodically, there is no reason for RV buyers to feel pressure or feel rushed and not enjoy the experience. You are buying a product to have fun and make memories. That starts with the buying experience.

Delamination is what happens when glue between the fiberglass and the substrate fails. Such failure is most often the result of moisture intrusion. Furthermore, once begun, delamination may spread, as moisture seeps further into the laminated structure.

Driving an RV is no easy feat, especially when dealing with hazardous conditions. It’s no sweat for these talented drivers, who handle their situation like pros. Check out these impressive videos from drivers who belong in the RV hall of fame.

Anger will often rip apart, cause division and regret. Words said in anger may cut so deeply the wound never completely heals. Yet, love heals and binds. It brings sunshine to a darkened heart. Words spoken in love at just the right time can alter someone’s destiny.


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