Day: June 7, 2018

(June 7, 2018) — REV Group Inc. announced that Ian Walsh has been appointed chief operating officer, effective June 1.

(June 7, 2018) — Outdoorsy has announced the hires of Bob Bearden as CFO and four new vice presidents.

(June 7, 2018) — Thor Industries has announced record third quarter results with net sales of $2.25 billion, up 11.7 percent.

(June 7, 2018) — This week’s guest is Bobby Raatz, director of sales for mobile power and electrical safety equipment with Southwire, the company that produces the Surge Guard equipment. Bobby describes Surge Guard and the types of products it offers to RV owners. He also explains how the systems are designed to work to prevent damaging electrical surges from harming RVs and the sensitive electronic equipment installed in them.

(June 7, 2018) — The northeastern most state in the U.S., Maine is a great summer travel destination with a lot to offer. One way to experience the coast of Maine is to take a road trip to Acadia National Park.

(June 7, 2018) — When we started RVing full-time seven years ago, I knew we would like the ability to camp off the grid. For ten years before purchasing our Cougar fifth wheel, we enjoyed many trips into the boonies with our old 1989 Ford campervan.

(June 7, 2018) — It’s no secret the RV Industry is on a tear. Record sales continue and every month, thousands of new RVers are hitting the roads. But where will they all stay?

(June 7, 2018) — I love the outdoors, and as an outdoor family travel writer I endeavor to take myself and my family all over the country as often as I can to experience our beautiful nature and wildlife.

(June 7, 2018) — I get a lot of wistful comments and e-mails from people who would love to do what I do, but there are very solid reasons why they can’t at this point in their life.

(June 7, 2018) — “How are you able to afford a year of travel?” It’s what everyone wonders but few really ask. My wife and I are in the second month of our yearlong road trip, and we’re happy to share our story and tips.

(June 7, 2018) — Cathleen Surette and Rosemary Huson couldn’t help themselves — they had to get a closer look at the row of fun-size houses that appeared even more diminutive set against pine and poplar trees in the Tuxbury Pond RV park.

(June 7, 2018) — Composite materials made by Hanwha Azdel, located in Forest, Va., with their commercial applications center in Warren, Mich., are products that can be used as an alternative to Lauan plywood.

(June 7, 2018) — City officials said on Wednesday that route will travel through the heart of the University of Iowa campus to the City Park campground.

(June 7, 2018) — A proposed campground law drafted by the town board without the participation of local businesses was aired Tuesday, with Catskill Town Supervisor Doreen Davis holding herself accountable for the omission.

(June 7, 2018) — Arizona residents can save a little money when they check out one of the coolest things in our back yard this summer at Kartchner Caverns.

(June 7, 2018) — The Great Smoky Mountains National Park will receive $2,594,000 in federal funding to pay for rehabilitation and upgrade work to the Elkmont Waste Water System.

(June 7, 2018) — A glamour camping—or “glamping” campground—may move into Henderson County on the failed Seven Falls development site.

(June 7, 2018) — Deep in the eastern reaches of Austin is a campground project that Glen Coleman, an agent for the project, says “will bring back the good old days of Austin.”

(June 7, 2018) — The summer season is upon us. In Utah and Idaho that means many families and friends are heading to the woods looking for a place to camp.

(June 7, 2018) — Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials are celebrating the completion of a new campground at the Lake Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State Park with a ribbon cutting on Thursday.


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