Day: May 17, 2018

(May 17, 2018) — According to Gary Reese, operations manager at MITO, this effort to certify excellence will not stop at MITO’s doorstep.

(May 17, 2018) — More than a dozen state parks are holding free events that day, and camping is free at all tent, RV and horse campsites. Day-use parking will be free June 2 and 3 at the 26 parks that charge a day-use fee.

(May 17, 2018) — In this day and age staying connected is vitally important, and when you’re living on the road it’s not as easy as calling up your local internet provider, or asking your neighbor what cell carrier has the best coverage in the neighborhood.

(May 17, 2018) — There were significant increases in: Travel Trailers (+36.7 percent), Fifth Wheels (+45.49 percent) and Motorhomes, combined all classes (+24.18 percent).

(May 17, 2018) — Dealers are generally pleased with the industry’s overall trailer design, reliability and quality, giving them the highest marks in the survey. However, it’s clear that shipping lead time and a lack of digital media support is still plaguing the industry.

(May 17, 2018) — This week’s podcast features two representatives from Bluewater Development Corporation, a company based in Ocean City, Md., that is actively involved in the outdoor hospitality industry. The firm manages five RV resorts from Maine to North Carolina. Ashley Church is the director of human resources and Rafael Correa is the chief financial officer. Together they describe each of the resorts they serve and the amenities offered at the facilities. They explain the mission of Bluewater Development and the types of services the firm can provide to campgrounds and RV park developers. They touch on the demographics of RVers they are seeking to reach.

(May 17, 2018) — ORR offered enthusiastic support for Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke’s recent recognition of outdoor recreation in his Secretarial Orders #3365 and #3366 in a letter dated May 17.

(May 17, 2018) — Said Jean-François Lussier, RVDA of Canada Chairman of the Board: “Our updated study also reveals that approximately 2.1 million (or 15 percent of) Canadian households own an RV which is up from years prior.”

(May 17, 2018) — Creatively designed and engineered, it stores and organizes RV cleaning products in one convenient, portable location and functions as a highly effective wash station.

(May 17, 2018) — It’s time to register for the annual Aftermarket Conference.

(May 17, 2018) — One of the best things about traveling around the U.S. is that there are so many great places to camp. Nature lovers can enjoy the fresh air, glorious mountains, and clear lakes and streams during a weekend (or longer) camping trip.

(May 17, 2018) — The Crystal Basin Recreation Area is in the process of undergoing a major renovation which is expected to add to the lure of this popular recreation area for years to come.

(May 17, 2018) — One of the biggest signs summer weather is here to stay in Weyburn, is the opening of the River Park Campground. Things got underway for the 2018 camping season on Monday.

(May 17, 2018) — This year’s growth is due in part to an improved reservation system that features a new mobile app, according to Jim Westover, vice president of operations.

(May 17, 2018) — The cancellation of camping at Rondeau Provincial Park for this long weekend, due to localized flooding, prompted calls to other area campgrounds.

(May 17, 2018) — Learn how to enhance office and shop floor workstations so that employees are safe and comfortable in a free webinar, called: A Pain in the Neck: Ergonomics in the Workplace.”

(May 17, 2018) — From Atlantic to Pacific, America abounds with breathtaking scenery—and what better way to explore our nation’s beauty than a summertime camping trip?

(May 17, 2018) — There are 70 campsites left at the Alouette Campground, but Park operations manager Stewart Burgess expects that those sites will quickly fill and he will probably open the North Beach campground early Wednesday evening.

(May 17, 2018) — Leisure Travel Vans owners can make a donation to Make-A-Wish Canada and Leisure Travel Vans will match it!

(May 17, 2018) — And as many of us dust off our tents and other supplies, we picture our favorite camping spot — the place we’ve never strayed from. But this year, be a little adventurous and try out a new spot.


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