Day: March 28, 2018

(March 28, 2018) — Equipped with spray paint, brushes and rollers, 60 volunteers applied a fresh coat of color today to recondition Seven Points Campground on the shoreline of J. Percy Priest Lake.

(March 28, 2018) — There’s now a rental service that gives casual campers the ultimate camping experience in West Michigan, without having to buy all the necessary equipment or deal with the hard work of set-up and tear-down.

(March 28, 2018) — The District of Sicamous will be taking a closer look at developing a 350-site campground and R.V. park along the Eagle River near Shuswap Lake.

(March 28, 2018) — The Port of Whitman County has announced it has contracted with Seven K’s Enterprises to manage Boyer Park and Marina, located just below the Lower Granite Dam.

(March 28, 2018) — The 2018 camping season at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore’s Dunewood Campground starts on March 30 and runs through October 31.

(March 28, 2018) — There are many choices when considering which incubator you want to use for hatching chicks from eggs. This post will tell you everything you need to know before making a purchase.

(March 28, 2018) — Full-time RV living is becoming more and more popular with families. This often leaves people wondering how these families provide their children with an education while exploring the world. For most folks, the answer is roadschooling.

(March 28, 2018) — Those who’ve followed me a while know I’m a die-hard solo adventurer. For years I have enjoyed meeting up with other RVers at one location, and then happily moved off on my own again when I felt the itch to travel.

(March 28, 2018) — On this weeks show I continue my spring gear guide and giveaway. I spied, tried and am reporting on some new products out there, some of my personal favorites and a few products with a cause behind them. Like last week I’ve broken my list down to what I consider Glamping items and Camping items.

(March 28, 2018) — Is there anyone who doesn’t love the old Otis Redding classic song (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay? I know I’ve tapped my feet to it a few thousand times in my life.

(March 28, 2018) — This is another really long RV review, but we are reviewing the whole coach as new. And this is not just a review of Winnebago’s lithium Pure3 Energy Management System.

(March 28, 2018) — The Northeast Florida Chapter of the Florida RV Trade Association has donated $2,500 for Nassau County senior Brianna Batrous to use for college.

(March 28, 2018) — Camping World Holdings has entered an agreement to acquire Dixie RV Superstore located in Newport News, Virginia.

(March 28, 2018) — The RVDA of Canada has formed a new endorsement partnership with ReachLocal Canada Inc.

(March 28, 2018) — Suffolk County Legislator Bridget Fleming said on Tuesday, less than a week before the parks are scheduled to open, that Parks Commissioner Philip Berdolt is currently evaluating the conditions of the beaches, both on the ocean and Block Island Sound, to see if they all will be able to accommodate on-site camping for the summer season, or if erosion has taken a toll.

(March 28, 2018) — Consultants with the OBKY Project said members of the Parks and Education Committee are proposing an RV campground at the park.

(March 28, 2018) — The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is proposing to cancel a planned hike in higher “gas-guzzler” penalties for automakers whose vehicles fail to meet minimum fuel-economy standards.

(March 28, 2018) — “We evacuate campgrounds 2 and 3 as a precaution. As the water starts to come up, we’ve learned from past experiences it comes up quite rapidly,” says Barry County Emergency Manager David Compton.

(March 28, 2018) — You don’t have to go far from the parking lot to start unlocking the secrets around Cosby – secrets Mike Maples has spent a lifetime discovering.

(March 28, 2018) — It was a tragedy that defied easy answers. In August 2008, the Ferra family found themselves trapped – stuck at a campsite in Ashland midway through a flash flood, staring down a precarious exit route over a raging stream.


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