Day: March 20, 2018

(March 20, 2018) — Registration is open for the 2018 RV Dealers Convention/Expo, Nov. 5 – 9 at Paris Las Vegas, Nevada.

(March 20, 2018) — Marcus Lemonis, chairman of Camping World Holdings, said: “We are pleased to begin the acquisition of their dealership and continue our market share expansion throughout the West Coast.”

(March 20, 2018) — Alde Corp., manufacturer of state-of-the-art hydronic radiant heating solutions for teardrop trailer RVs to Class B motorhomes, has launched an updated interactive website. The domain remains]

(March 20, 2018) — A proposal to develop a small, planned RV park on Colbert Lane that the project’s attorney compared to “12 school buses on five and a half acres of land,” caused a small uprising from neighbors who don’t want to see that sort of development in their area.

(March 20, 2018) — Addressing the Business Roundtable organization Tuesday morning in Washington, D.C., Cummins CEO Tom Linebarger says his company is dependent not just trade with other countries, but primarily China.

(March 20, 2018) — Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts is continuing to expand with the addition of two new campgrounds, one in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, Tenn., and the other in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland, Canada.

(March 20, 2018) — Due to unseasonably warm conditions, the Deschutes National Forest said Monday it will be opening select campgrounds during the week of Bend-La Pine Schools’ spring break, as long as conditions remain favorable.

(March 20, 2018) — The Cosmic Campground International Dark Sky Sanctuary teamed up with Darley Newman of “Travels with Darley” to do a special on what the Campground is all about.

(March 20, 2018) — Nearly a month after historic flooding hit the area, Berrien Springs village officials are breathing a sigh of relief that the worst is over, while they help repair the damage.

(March 20, 2018) — The Corps says they must complete multiple repairs and projects, including repaving roads and upgrading electrical facilities, before it is safe for visitors.

(March 20, 2018) — Cummins has partnered with the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) as a corporate sponsor of #HurricaneStrong, a national hurricane resilience initiative to empower the public with hurricane safety and mitigation information.

(March 20, 2018) — “We brought our camper over the last weekend of February, set it in the staging area, and brought them in Saturday morning and set them up,” said Lee Richardson.

(March 20, 2018) — This tip comes by email from one of our listeners named Wendy… who came across an inexpensive little gadget that can help with staying clean and showering on camping trips and hikes.

(March 20, 2018) — Continuing our theme this year of seeking out places where the southwestern deserts and waterways meet, we drove the scenic drive that follows the Colorado River from the town of Parker, Arizona, up to the Parker Dam. Starting in Parker, we went up the California side of the river to the dam and then we came back down the Arizona side to Parker.

(March 20, 2018) — Longtime readers will remember that for over eight years we lived in an MCI bus that we stripped down to bare metal and then converted into a very comfortable home on wheels.

(March 20, 2018) — Over the past week and a half, we stayed at two more California state beach campgrounds, took many more beach walks, and put up with more rain. Since we got to the coast the weather seems to be stuck in a cool, rainy pattern.

(March 20, 2018) — Arlington explains, “Kansas doesn’t have to be a completely pass-through state but it’s up to each campground owner to encourage their guests to slow down to take it all in, or even return for future visits.”

(March 20, 2018) — Jim Hackett, president and CEO, said: “Kiersten Robinson has proven herself a strong leader for transformational times and I have confidence that progress on modernizing our people systems and culture will accelerate under her watch.”

(March 20, 2018) — Attendance for this event has already exceeded 300 attendees, the highest participation level ever!

(March 20, 2018) — Canada’s Tax Court ruled that American recreational vehicle manufacturer, Jayco Inc., doesn’t have to pay a portion of the C$14.7 million ($11.4 million) assessed in value-added taxes on its exports of RVs and parts, reported Bloomberg Tax.


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