Day: May 15, 2017

(May 15, 2017) — “We’re thrilled to receive this recognition,” said Beth Carroll, whose family purchased the park in 2015 and invested about $50,000 in improvements to improve its aesthetic appeal. “It looks like a new park.”

(May 15, 2017) — This type of nonsense gives information technology managers the cold sweats at companies large and small. That’s because they can warn and warn and warn people about how to identify these types of malicious messages. But, most workers adopt a ho-hum attitude until it’s too late.

(May 15, 2017) — Manitoba provincial campgrounds are once again ready for visitors and many have significant improvements and upgrades.

(May 15, 2017) — Parks officials have considered building a campground there for decades, but never got final approval. Now they’re taking another crack at it.

(May 15, 2017) — Sunset Campground in the Grant Grove area of the Kings Canyon will have to remain closed until further notice. It was scheduled to open on May 24 but many trees killed by drought, insect activity, and a heavy winter created far more hazards than expected.

(May 15, 2017) — City Manager Mark Dixson said during the Soldotna City Council’s Wednesday meeting that the Parks and Recreation Department staff are working to get the campgrounds ready to open, as well as continuing construction on a trail in Centennial Park.

(May 15, 2017) — Crowds of visitors arrive at this famed reservoir from across the state, and the result is a lot of people all in one place. That’s reflected at Detroit Lake State Park, the largest campground in the area, which becomes a small town on busy weekends.

(May 15, 2017) — That experience is possible at these campgrounds, which are nearby, with easy to moderate hikes and spectacular views. Some of the hikes begin right from the campground, which is even better, while others require a short jaunt.

(May 15, 2017) — Officials with the Smokey Bear Ranger District of the Lincoln National Forest are proposing to treat about 2,100 acres in the Baca Campground Area for hazardous fuels reduction, wildlife habitat, range, and watershed Improvement, as well as to provide commercial and personal fuel wood harvesting opportunities.

(May 15, 2017) — Before they had children, Susan White and her husband, Jeff, did quite a bit of camping at state parks. But since they’ve had three children, now ages 9 to 12, rather than camping at state parks that cover up to 4,300 acres, the Whites spend as many weekends as possible at the 93-acre Spring Lake RV Resort and Campground, near Halstead.

(May 15, 2017) — At a popular campground northwest of Edmonton, many families who would normally be setting up for the summer are instead scrambling to tear down their long-held sites.

(May 15, 2017) — The level of control and scrutiny of campers using the Diggers Headland Reserve could become more intense.

(May 15, 2017) — Alberta Parks conservation officer Arian Spiteri joined Global Calgary on Monday with details on the most important things to know before heading out of town.

(May 15, 2017) — A 29-year-old man was charged in connection with setting fire to a camper in the Hedgesville, W.Va., area on Thursday, according to Berkeley County Magistrate Court records and the Hedgesville Volunteer Fire Department.

(May 15, 2017) — Nissan has turned the Titan XD pickup truck into a self-sustaining camper that can go virtually anywhere. Named Project Basecamp, the concept was introduced at the Overland Expo 2017 West in Arizona.

(May 15, 2017) — Mel and James wanted to take Western Australia at their own pace, and a self-drive camper van holiday from Flight Centre proved the ideal way to do it. With the freedom to roam as you please and the assurance of on-the-ground assistance should you need it, Flight Centre’s camper van holidays are a perfect first trip for camper van novices.

(May 15, 2017) — Forget post-martial bliss. What started out as a casual money talk after a Bahamian honeymoon, the McCullocks went rogue, living in a camper full-time to pay down their mountain of student debt and car loans.

(May 15, 2017) — For the adventuresome family, there’s nothing like exploring a good amusement park while you’re on the road. If you’re looking for the thrill of the 60 MPH drop or the lazy river is more your speed, there’s a ride for everyone

(May 15, 2017) — If summer plans included a trip to Big Bend National Park, some adjustments may have to be made after its recent announcement. The park is planning on conducting deferred maintenance projects in Rio Grande Village this summer. That doesn’t mean, however, that visitors are out of luck.

(May 15, 2017) — The course integrates science, math, writing, critical thinking skills, and computer technology and with real-world application. The education course focuses on a myriad of outdoor activities from archery and planning to life-saving survival skills.


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