Day: November 5, 2009

(Nov. 5, 2009) – Following a comprehensive strategic review of the insurance business, GMAC reached an agreement to sell its U.S. consumer property and casualty insurance business to American Capital Acquisition Corporation. This includes GMAC’s U.S. automobile, commercial vehicle, motorcycle and recreational vehicle insurance offerings.The dealer-related insurance business, which includes extended service contracts and insurance for auto dealer inventories, is not affected by this transaction.

(Nov. 5, 2009) –The free day is in honor of veterans and active duty military personnel in all branches. All other use fees, such as overnight accommodations, tours or special events, will be charged as usual. Skyway Fishing Pier State Park in Tampa is not included in this special offer.

(March 31, 2009) — The ordinance, discussed at a district meeting March 18, aims to prevent pollutants, such as motor oil and radiator fluid, from flowing into harbor waters. If the ordinance passes, people who want to conduct repairs on district property will need the written consent and authorization of the harbormaster.

(April 1, 2009) — Karen McAbee, Good Sam Texas state director, said Samborees are held twice each year — spring and fall. They anticipate more than 500 RVs, or “rigs,” will be here for the week, pumping more than $300,000 into the economy.

(April 3, 2009) — The state patrol says troopers asked to search the RV, a request that the occupants granted. Searchers found 350 pounds of marijuana in suitcases in the passenger compartment and in exterior luggage compartments.

(April 3, 2009) — Hundreds of RV’s are parked in the Expo Center’s parking lot for an RV rally, and had a front row seat for last night’s wind damage to Shotwell Stadium. A giant set of stadium lights was blown over at center.

(April 6, 2009) — Almost 300 rigs, 600 road warriors and 31 vendors set up camp at the Taylor County Expo Center this week for the Good Sam Texas chapter’s Spring Samboree.

(April 6, 2009) — Red Bluff Police Officers were contacted sometime after 2 a.m. with reports that a man in a vehicle brandished a gun at four adults at the RV wash.

(April 7, 2009) — Hamburg village code requires a permit for campers, trailers and recreational vehicles to be parked at the owner’s property, and none is supposed to be more than 24 feet long.

(April 8, 2009) — The RV was in Jane Dodd’s driveway, across the street from the house it hit, and when she began moving the vehicle, she was unable to take her foot off the accelerator because of a medical condition, Bushweller said. The vehicle then went straight across the street into the neighbor’s house.

(April 11, 2009) — “We want to show our customers how easy it is to clean and maintain their batteries in just a few steps. Good battery RV maintenance now will save headaches down the line,” says Clint Ethington, manager at Pedata RV Center. “The video is three minutes long, that’s just about the time it takes to perform basic battery maintenance.”

(April 15, 2009) — The Milford Zoning Board of Appeals granted Karen Fitzmaurice a variance of one foot, allowing her to keep a 21-foot recreational vehicle parked in front of her home, after hearing that an even larger RV had been parked there for 17 years.

(April 17, 2009) — Some argue that traveling with a gun is the best protection for these situations. But that can be a potentially criminal undertaking when traveling from state to state, as many RV owners do.

(April 17, 2009) — Around 6,000 RVs have set up camp for an event called “The Rally,” the largest gathering of recreational vehicles in the nation. The RV city could grow to 10,000 by Friday, with people coming from just about every state in the nation.

(April 19, 2009) — Fellow campers told us that when the danger signal sounded, they were ordered to take shelter in the park bathhouses. One camper declared she would have been better off weathering the wind and rain in her camper. It seems that as everyone assembled to wait out the storm, somebody started telling snake stories. Then others picked up with more snake tales. She said she was scared to death by the time the alert was cancelled.

(April 21, 2009) — Part of the park’s objective is to encourage “polite” cell phone use as well as outline areas where cell phones would not be allowed. Signs, interpretive talks and newsletters would highlight the policy, Nash said. In addition, Wi-Fi service would not be allowed at historical park buildings, such as the Old Faithful Inn and Lake Hotel, to preserve their character, but the service could be provided at other concession facilities.

(April 22, 2009) — “In the current zoning code there is nowhere that allows RVs in the city limits of Marietta, so if we wish to allow any future development of RV business in the city we have to pick a zoning classification. I would say we choose C-5. If anyone wants to have RVs park in the city, they have to have a large enough piece of property and then it would come before City Council and you. This is a first step to say if we do or do not want any future RV businesses in the city of Marietta,” Noland said.

(April 22, 2009) — The previous ordinance restricted the number of recreational vehicles to two, no more than 9 feet by 20 feet in size, and to the rear or side yard for storage. “Also, the ordinance confusingly identified boats versus campers versus off-road vehicles, but not commercial vehicles,” Super said.

(April 23, 2009) — Today, some 2,500 recreational vehicles packed with country music fans are expected to start rumbling into southern Indio for the Stagecoach Country Music Festival — the second of two lauded outdoor music festivals in April at the Empire Polo Club.

(April 26, 2009) — Michael Wannamaker, 25, of McDonald, died after the Winnebago RV he was staying in caught fire. Wannamaker and a friend were sleeping in the RV before leaving for a race in the morning. The friend awakened to heavy smoke and flames and managed to escape and send for help.


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