Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Watsons Wander: Hops and Cider in Central Washington

(Oct. 25, 2018) -- Despite my earlier declaration of love for all things mountains and hiking, the reality is that we can’t indulge in those things all of the time. As fall in the northern mountains turns from golden yellow to brown and below freezing nights become the norm, it’s time for us to start moving south. Read More »

Watsons Wander: Finding bliss in North Cascades NP

(Oct. 11, 2018) -- I guess it should come as no surprise that even after 6+ years of full-time RVing we are still figuring things out. It seemed so simple in the beginning. We would travel around for a few years, fall in love with a new place to live, buy a house, and settle down again. Except that is not what happened. Read More »

Watsons Wander: The edge of the world…err, country

(Sept. 3, 2018) -- The journey to Cape Flattery, (aka the northwestern-most point of the contiguous US) feels like a journey to the edge of the world. As you travel the narrow, curvy road past a smattering of small towns teetering on bluffs overlooking the coast, you can’t help but marvel at the fact that for centuries humans have called this land home. Read More »

Watsons Wander: Olympic National Park

(Aug. 28, 2018) -- Olympic National Park is vast, giant, and remote. Located way up on the tippy-top corner of western Washington, this park is not one you can fully explore in a weekend (or even a week or two). Read More »

Watson Wander: Hiking mania near Sisters, Oregon

(July 26, 2018) -- So far this summer we’ve been managing quite nicely with our no reservation policy. The plethora of national forest campgrounds with first come, first serve sites combined with our habit of arriving on a Sunday has worked in our favor. Read More »

Watsons Wander: Crater Lake – Take two

(June 14, 2018) -- What we failed to realize was that the road all way around the lake is still closed at this time of year. In fact, it turns out that unless you visit mid-summer, your chances of driving all the way around are slim to none. Read More »

Watsons Wander: Eagle Lake and exploring lava beds

(June 1, 2018) -- We spent our last week in California camped next to Eagle Lake at the Merrill National Forest Campground. The theme of the week was rain…again. It rarely rained all day, but it did rain every day, with afternoon storms being the norm. Read More »

Watsons Wander: Exploring the Lakes Basin

(May 28, 2018) -- It rained nearly every day of our week-long stay near the Lakes Basin Region of the Plumas National Forest. As a result, we spent a lot more time inside the Airstream than we did exploring the lakes and mountains. Read More »

Watsons Wander: Schoolhouse campground

(May 21, 2018) -- We continue our slow journey north with a long, winding drive along CA-49. This route covers the area famous for the gold rush of 1849 and every town we pass boasts relics of the past. Read More »

Watsons Wander: Kings Canyon National Park

(May 7, 2018) -- While often referred to as King’s Canyon & Sequoia National Park, they are actually two separate parks connected by one road. One step, narrow and winding road where vehicles over 22-feet long are not allowed to travel. Read More »

Watsons Wander: Airstream – polished and painted

(April 16, 2018) -- Well, since then we’ve done our best to nullify all that hard work. Dusty dirt roads, muddy campsites, narrow tree-lined roads that we had no business driving down, three months parked next to the ocean, and a whole host of similar sins against aluminum contributed to sad state we found ourselves in this winter. Read More »