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Web Advise podcast explores website calls to action

(May 1, 2017) -- In this week's episode of the Web Advise video podcast, Braden Walker talks about the importance of incorporating calls to action, or CTAs, on a website. He covers how to utilize them and even what they should look like for the greatest effectiveness. Read More »

Web Advise podcast explores social media for biz

(April 17, 2017) -- In this week's episode of the Web Advise Video Podcast, Braden Walker examines the recent events of the United Airlines incident from a public relations on social media standpoint. He offers on what business owners should do if they find themselves in a similar social media firestorm. Read More »

Web Advise podcast explores SEO companies

(March 17, 2017) -- Walker discusses SEO optimization and shows examples of what to look out for when dealing with these companies and goes on to explain how to not be taken advantage of when working with SEO firms. Read More »

Stopping spam topic of new Web Advise podcast

(March 13, 2017) -- He describes examples of how online spammers collect information and then send out spam emails and corespondents. Walker explains how to stop this kind of spam and shows what is needed to filter it completely. Read More »

Web Advise Podcast: Google Business listings

(Feb. 27, 2017) -- Walker shows dealers and campground owners the steps on how to claim or set up a new business listing on Google so that any business owner can do it. He then talks about how Google has changed their star rating system. Read More »

Web Advise Podcast addresses online scams

BURELSON, Texas — In this weeks episode of the Web Advise Video Podcast, Braden Walker talks about the need to knows of online marketing scams. He covers two scams that are always going around, domain name scams and search engine optimization (SEO) scams. He gives advice on how to deal with these types of scams when they arise and gives practical steps for verifying important information people need. People can watch all the episodes and subscribe to the podcast by going to The Web Advise Video Podcast is sponsored by TXAD Internet. For more information about TXAD Internet go to SOURCE: TXAD Internet press release Read More »

Web Advise Podcast: Importance of content

(Feb. 13, 2017) -- "If your website is lacking content or is not easy to read, website visitors will leave your website," he explained. He talks about the importance of keeping things like a rates page easy navigate to help boost engagement in website visitors making a reservation. Read More »

The ‘Need to Knows’ of online advertising

(Nov. 2, 2016) — In today’s digital world there are many options when it comes to promoting your business online, but understanding the best options can be difficult. That’s why TXAD Internet and Pelland Advertising have come together in this article to provide our expertise as industry leaders to help you understand what to look for when deciding where to spend your advertising dollars. Read More »

TXAD helps campground rebound with new website

(Aug. 8, 2016) — The Vineyards Campground and Cabins in Grapevine, Texas, has experienced many trials this year, but that hasn’t kept this park from surging back into the campground industry. Devastating floods ravaged the park, which forced the operators to close down and administer repairs. Read More »