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Pelland develops new website for Maine campground

(Oct. 8, 2013) -- "The Flat Rock Bridge site includes several instances of progressive enhancement," said Pelland. "Additional graphics and subtle effects enrich the experience on larger screens, while the interface becomes progressively simpler and easier to use on tablets and smartphones." Read More »

KOA releases book on the art of “kamping”

(Oct. 7, 2013) -- "Taken together, this collection celebrates the 'soft rugged' camping experience KOA provides, reflecting the belief that camping is an important and positive life experience," said Gast. "It shows how camping brings families and friends together, escaping the humdrum everyday experience in favor of the exciting, restorative outdoor experience enjoyed by young and old alike." Read More »

Ontario campground shut down due to leaking sewage

(Oct. 3, 2013) -- Residents of Frenchman's Creek Park Motel and Campground in Fort Erie were shocked on Friday when they received notices from the owners that the site was being closed and they had to be completely evacuated by Wednesday, reports the Times of Fort Erie. Read More »

Ark. court asked to weigh in on campground cases

(Oct. 1, 2013) -- A federal judge is asking the Arkansas Supreme Court to weigh in on a legal issue in multiple civil lawsuits filed by relatives of the 20 people killed in a flash flood at Albert Pike Campground, writes the San Francisco Chronicle. Read More »