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OPINION: Lemonis can’t serve two masters

(Feb. 2, 2016) -- With all Lemonis' attention focused on building his Hollywood career, is it any surprise that the company for which he is paid to serve as chief executive officer -- Camping World and Good Sam Enterprises -- confirmed Saturday that the firm would not conduct a rally this year? Read More »

OPINION: Winnebago NEEDS The Profit

(Sept. 11, 2015) -- This miracle worker has purchased dozens of failing RV mega dealerships over the years and transmogrified them into hyper-successful Camping World superstores using his own unique blend of "people, product and process" -- something Winnebago desperately needs right now. Read More »

New episode of The Profit airs Oct. 14

(Oct. 3, 2014) -- Courage.b specializes in upscale women's fashion, and sassy Noemi Goureau is the brand's designer. Her explosive son, Nicolas, blames his mother for dragging the company in the red and burying the company in mountains of inventory they can't move, CNBC noted. Read More »

Video: Lemonis explains his goal in producing The Profit

(May 16, 2014) -- Lemonis said he receives thousands of applications every season and he reviews each to see if the products are relatable, what part of the country the firm is located in, the degree of financial stress the lenders are unders, and the business lessons owners and viewers can walk away with. Read More »

Lemonis returns to TV Tuesday as The Profit

(Feb. 24, 2014) -- During the new season of the original prime time series, Lemonis travels the country bringing his know-how, expertise and his millions to eight small businesses struggling to stay afloat. This season's premier airs Feb. 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CNBC. Read More »

Lemonis defends reality TV

(Feb. 3, 2014) -- "Self-made multi-millionaire Marcus Lemonis is the only business turnaround expert on television investing millions of his own money to save small businesses," CNBC noted. "These are real people and real deals." Read More »