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Podcast 105: TechnoRV’s Tami and Eric Johnson

(Aug. 25, 2016) -- This week’s guests are Tami and Eric Johnson, the owners of Techno RV. They are full-time RVers who travel the RV show circuit to train other owners how to use technology to their advantage. The couple bought the business in early 2015, and they were on the show back then as new owners. Because technology is constantly changing, they return to offer an update as to how the transition went from one owner to the next and to describe some new technology products they are recommending to new and experienced RV owners. Read More »

TechnoRV switches to Surge Guard products

(June 2, 2016) -- "This does not mean there are not other good products. It just means that after a lot of research, I am confident that Surge Guard is the best electrical management system on the market," said Johnson. Read More »

Podcast 76: KOA’s Toby O’Rourke and Techno RV

(Nov. 19, 2015) -- The first guest is Toby O'Rourke, KOA's senior vice president of marketing. Widely credited for the successful performance of the franchise over the past four years, she talks about why demand for camping and outdoor experiences is on the rise. O'Rourke is the mastermind behind KOA's What's Behind the Yellow Sign campaign, and she talks about why it is so successful, and what's being done to improve that campaign in 2016. The second guests are relative newcomers to the RV industry. Eric and Tami Johnson acquired TechnoRV earlier this year, and they travel the country speaking at RV rallies, shows and other events to teach RV owners about technology that can improve their experience. They explain the secret of their success is not just selling the products, but actually showing RV owners how to use them -- a lesson that could benefit RV dealers. Read More »

TechnoRV gets new owners

(May 4, 2015) -- Phil and Tracey May, owners of TechnoRV, announced today that they have sold the company to Eric and Tami Johnson. TechnoRV travels the RV rally circuit offering seminars on technical-related issues concerning RVers and selling new products to better help them remain connected on the road. Read More »