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Shurhold earns Florida manufacturing award

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(April 21, 2017) -- "We're honored to be recognized by the South Florida Manufacturing Association with this award," said Berhoff,. "Our team makes significant contributions every day to better the company. Our thousands of enthusiastic and satisfied customers are due to their hard work and dedication." Read More »

Shurhold mop saves time, ends water spots


(April 6, 2017) -- The Deluxe Water Sprite Mop can be used with any length of Shurhold's handles—from 13 inches to 9 feet — making it ideal for hard-to-reach areas like crowns, slide-outs, awnings and other accessories. Once saturated, excess water is simply wrung out. Read More »

Shurhold: Multi-purpose handle turns heads


(March 9, 2017) — Just because something is the handiest, most utilitarian tool on board an RV doesn't mean it can't be attractive, Shurhold reported in a press release. Shurhold's premium Fishing Series Handles resemble a high-end fishing rod that fits more than 40 attachments available for the One Handle Does It All system. Read More »

Shurhold: Brush handle sleeve protects finishes


(Nov. 15, 2016) — Accidently scratching the paint on a RV with metal handle while washing it is a thing of the past with Shurhold Industries' new Handle Mate PFD, a release from the company stated. It protects RV surfaces from scratches, dings and other blemishes that can be caused by unintentional slips. Read More »

Shurhold updates the five-gallon bucket


(Aug. 16, 2016) — Since its introduction in the late '60s, the ubiquitous five-gallon plastic pail hasn't changed much—until now. Shurhold Industries introduces the One Bucket System. It turns its World's Best Rope Handle Bucket into a multipurpose cleaning and storage solution, a release from the company stated. Read More »

Shurhold: Buff and polish in one step


(March 15, 2016) — Shurhold introduces its Buff Magic as an easier, more effective solution compared to other multi-step methods, the company reported in a press release. This re-conditioner, de-oxidizer and restorer is formulated to work on a wide range of surfaces. Read More »

Shurhold introduces Serious Shine


(Feb. 10, 2016) — Shurhold has introduced its new Serious Shine product, which makes short work of maintenance by cleaning, polishing and protecting in one step, a release from the company stated. Read More »

Shurhold introduces new polisher


(Dec. 10, 2015) — Shurhold's new Pro Rotary Polisher is designed for professional detailers, shops and yards to bring out a mirror-like finish in even the dullest surfaces, a release from the organization stated. The tool is built to cut oxidation, polish and buff. Read More »

Shurhold introduces new polisher


(Oct. 13, 2015) — Shurhold Industries has introduced the Dual Action Polisher Pro. It works using a similar motion as its predecessor, but can cut through oxidation faster with its greater pad and orbit size, a release from the company stated. Read More »

Shurhold offers no rust bucket


(Sept. 25, 2015) — Owners sick of throwing away a bucket when the metal handle starts to rust can turn to Shurhold Industries, the company announced in a press release. The company offers the “World's Best Bucket,” which employs a ¾-inch double-braided nylon, comfort-grip. Read More »