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Webinar defines employees vs. independent contractors

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(Feb. 23, 2016) — What’s the difference between an employee and an independent contractor? If you don’t know, it’s important to find out because these are separate categories classified under labor law. A free webinar from the Mike Molino RV Learning Center Feb. 25, at noon ET, will explain the difference and share ways to protect your company from making costly errors. Read More »

OPINION: Make employee development a priority


(Feb. 23, 2016) -- I think we can all agree that a more experienced staff increases customer CSI, company sales and, ultimately, company profits. But we’ll never develop that experienced staff if we don’t invest in their development. Read More »

RV Professional Certification Week is March 13-19

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(Feb. 3, 2016) — The week of March 13 – 19, is RV Professional Certification Week. The Society of Certified RV Professionals and the Mike Molino RV Learning Center have designated that week as a time to commit to expanding skills and professionalism in the workplace. Read More »

Dealers can tap into RVDA’s Career Network

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(Jan. 22, 2016) -- The Employment Network is a network of job sites that reaches more than 5 million job seekers monthly. Dealers can control their cost-per-hire expenses by setting a job's requirements and only paying for candidates who meet them. Read More »

CFBP removes safegaurds to engineer results

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(Jan. 20, 2016) -- This type of social and political engineering to fabricate the number of actual victims of financial discrimination is why the RV Dealers Association is seeking legislation to require more transparency of the regulatory agency. Read More »

Webinar explores behavioral interviewing

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(Jan. 15, 2016) — Have you heard about behavioral interviewing and its application for predicting future employee behavior? Learn how this new HR technique can be an excellent tool for finding good potential employees and weeding out those who might be a bad fit, the RV Learning Center reported in a press release. Read More »

RVDA offers webinar on employee evaluations


(Jan. 8, 2016) -- In this free webinar from the RV Dealers Association, participants will learn how to transform the process from an unpleasant chore into an engagement tool that can actually boost performance and build a better team. Read More »