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NAE announces major expansion plans

(Aug. 14, 2014) -- The company that offers the RV Warranty Forever program, as well as several other products, including ancillary and service contracts for the RV industry, has outgrown its 24,000-square-foot office and will move into a 56,000-square-foot building. NAE will occupy 34,000-square-feet of that space. Read More »

RV Warranty Forever dealers report record sales

(May 29, 2014) -- "Since we added RV Warranty Forever we have seen an increase in the number of units sold of 34 percent," added Abel. “During that same period, we have seen an increase in sales dollar volume of 42 percent, and an increase in net profit of 47 percent (38 percent after deducting the Warranty Forever expense)." Read More »

Dodd RV takes on RV Warranty Forever

(March 14, 2014) -- "We feel that being able to offer this protection to our customers will not only provide them peace of mind but also enhance their experience doing business with Dodd RV and keep them coming back, for service and sales," said Jamie Dodd. Read More »

Camper Clinic RV takes on RV Warranty Forever

(March 3, 2014) -- “We wanted a strong presence in Texas,” said Price. “The Camper Clinic team is top notch. The three stores offer a huge inventory of RVs that are now protected by a lifetime warranty, including those ever-popular Airstream trailers.” Read More »

Dealer Spike helps DeMontrond sell warranties

(Feb. 28, 2014) -- Dealer Spike helped optimize the DeMontrond website for a wide range of customer profiles, and applied successful SEO techniques from other profitable finance and insurance product launches. The firm also worked to drive audience traffic from a wide range of industry sources. Read More »

Bill Plemmons RV secures RV Warranty Forever

(Feb. 20, 2014) -- “We are celebrating our 63rd year of business this year, and couldn’t be more excited about adding the RV Warranty Forever program to our long list of reasons for customers to call Bill Plemmons RV their dealer of choice,” said Steve Plemmons. Read More »

DeMontrond RV to represent RV Warranty Forever

(Feb. 18, 2014) -- “We have been offering the Warranty Forever program at our automobile dealerships for many years and our customers love the program. When we heard about NWAN offering a similar program on RVs, there was no question in our minds we wanted to provide our RV customers with this excellent coverage as well,” said DeMontrond. Read More »

Bob and Jo’s RV takes on RV Warranty Forever

(Feb. 7, 2014) -- “Tom Reil, the general manager of Bob and Jo’s RV Center, is one of the most enthusiastic and passionate dealers we have come across,” said Price. “They want to provide their customers a benefit no other dealer around them can match and they have done just that with this program.” Read More »

Noble RV to offer RV Warranty Forever in Minn.

(Feb. 4, 2014) -- “As soon as I heard about the program, I immediately knew this was the answer for our dealer group,” said Noble. “We have been looking for a way to reward our customers for doing business with us and a way to keep them our customer for life." Read More »

Mayflower RV to offer RV Warranty Forever

(Jan. 30, 2014) -- "We believe that we will now be able to provide our customers with the peace-of-mind they want when making a decision to buy an RV,” said Brown. “It is coverage that each customer shouldn’t be without.” Read More »

Dixie RV to offer RV Warranty Forever

(Jan. 20, 2014) -- “Dixie RV prides itself on offering our customers the best purchasing experience in the industry. We believe that the RV Warranty Forever program will provide our customers with an above and beyond ownership experience,” said Lala. Read More »

Giant Recreation World takes on RV Warranty Forever

(Jan. 21, 2014) -- "Giant Recreation World’s three Central Florida locations provide the best RV experience to customers and this exclusive benefit of having a lifetime limited warranty will ensure that their customers will have peace of mind," said Harrison. Read More »

Clem’s RV nabs RV Warranty Forever program

(Jan. 8, 2014) -- “We are very excited to be able to provide our customers with the benefits offered by RV Warranty Forever,” said Deffenbaugh. “RV Warranty Forever adds value and peace of mind that you simply cannot put a price on.” Read More »

RV Warranty Forever president addresses questions

(Nov. 25, 2013) -- "Let’s be clear on this, the program is designed and built to pay claims and to take care of the customer. When a dealer really understands the program structure, protection, limits, coverage, claims payment, customer responsibilities, how we continuously communicate with the customer to educate and remind them of their requirements and our commitment to regular follow up training – then a well-educated business decision can be made," said Price. Read More »