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RV Travel: RV comes with big soaking tub

(May 12, 2017) -- As many RV manufacturers evolve from building RVs as vehicles to use for recreation into building them for mobile homes, we have yet another entry into the RV designers’ game: “What cool option can we feature next that nobody really needs?” Read More »

Woodbury: Would you drink water at these parks?

(April 10, 2017) -- reader Laura P. Schulman, M.D., M.A., told Woodbury, “That’s just basic third world sanitation: This is a serious health hazard. Bottom line: this oughtta be illegal! How can these campground operators get away with it?” Read More »

Woodbury: RV road trip is near death

(April 4, 2017) -- "A spontaneous RV roadtrip is all but dead. The idea of going where you want, when you want is nearly impossible unless you are far from popular tourist destinations or hole up often in rest areas, truck stops or Wal-Mart parking lots," Woodbury wrote. Read More »

RV Travel debuts ‘Spin and Win’ promotion

(May 10, 2016) -- “The show is definitely done tongue-in-cheek,” said Woodbury. “But we'll give away a good prize every contest. They range in value from about $25 to $100, most supplied by their manufacturers or distributors.” Read More »

OPINION: RV parks should create ‘no campfire zones’

(July 13, 2015) -- What I propose is that RV parks set aside "no campfire" zones for people who are bothered by smoke. Breathing wood smoke can cause coughing, scratchy throat, irritated sinuses, shortness of breath, chest pain, headaches, stinging eyes and runny noses. It can worsen asthma, COPD, emphysema, pneumonia and bronchitis. Read More »

Chuck Woodbury is guest on podcast episode 46

(March 13, 2015) -- Woodbury is the 2014 RV Industry Association Journalist of the Year. His career spans several decades and includes work as a magazine publisher, blogger, and videographer. Until recently, he owned, which served thousands of customers as the industry's first online resource for books and DVDs. The manager of nearly a dozen different RV-related websites, he has been at the forefront of every communications change impacting the RV industry, and he offers some great insight into how digital media will change the way RV businesses and campgrounds reach and serve customers. Read More »

New video shows how to save energy in an RV

(Sept. 29, 2014) --, along with its RVTravel Channel on YouTube, has debuted a new seven-part video series about how RVers can make their RVs more energy efficient. The Green RV Project will continue with a new episode every Saturday through Nov. 8. Read More »

RVTravel video series features Xantrex’s Ron Heckenast

(June 27, 2014) -- In the Xantrex segments,’s technical editor Chris Dougherty interviews Rob Heckenast, the company’s program manager, about charging converters in RVs, adding chassis battery charging equipment, and options for adding inverter power to an RV to operate the refrigerator while on the road. Read More »

RV Travel debuts live online TV show on Saturday

(June 12, 2014) -- The 45-minute program will be hosted by editor Chuck Woodbury. This week’s guest will be Christopher Dougherty, a certified RV technician, who will appear via Skype from Springfield, Mass. RV electric expert Mike Sokol will join Woodbury on the second program June 21. Read More »