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Creativity goes a long way when dining outdoors

(Aug. 15, 2013) -- Sylvia Fountaine, writing in The Spokesman Review, says some of the most enjoyable parts of camping are dining al fresco and cooking over a campfire. But campsite meals do not need to be boring or bland. She offers tips and recipes for creating tasty meals. Read More »

For teens and tweens, RVing involves travail, treasure and travel

(Aug. 14, 2013) -- It has been more than two and a half years and tens of thousands of miles since the Anderson children lived in a traditional home. For Elizabeth, 16; Ethan, 14; and Grace, 12, it should seem like a long time. But, to them, it feels like yesterday. "I think RVing has really helped me grow as a person, and it has made all of us more comfortable with ourselves and more confident as teenagers," Elizabeth said.

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What’s so great about air brakes?

(Aug. 14, 2013) -- Air brakes are a great safety feature on a motorhome. They don't come cheap, especially if they are disc and anti-lock. They are just one of the many reasons that you pay more for a quality motorhome but they are one of the items that make a lot of sense and have terrific value for the dollars spent.

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Columbia Northwest recalls Niagara trailers

(Aug. 14, 2013) -- Columbia Northwest has filed a recall notice with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to recall Somerset Niagara camping trailers to fix a problem in which the 14-inch wheels have become disengaged from the hub. The problem could have occurred at the factory or at the dealership where the trailers were sold.

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RVers developing skills to become RV inspectors

(Aug. 14, 2013) -- "After the Spring 2013 sessions, many students took the course for their personal use to care for their own RV," said Cooper. "Some are marketing themselves as campground technicians to future employers and many are taking their skills and becoming RV Inspectors and starting their own small businesses."

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Full-time RVers finance lifestyle making sunshades

(Aug. 15, 2013) -- "When you live in sticks and bricks, you are tied to an area and it is very hard to uproot and change your situation," Todd Seeley added. "For us, if we run out of work, we don't like the weather or don't like our neighbors, we can be packed up and out of here in 30 minutes. It is very easy for us to change our situation."

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Terra Wind: A luxury RV that floats

(Aug. 13, 2013) -- The Terra Wind by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International (CAMI) has all the benefits of a road vehicle but is also a luxury yacht, says It can reach speeds up to 80 mph on the highway and up to seven knots on the water. Read More »

Ohio city looks to prohibit RV living

(Aug. 13, 2013) -- On Monday night, the New Philadelphia City Council gave a first reading to legislation that will — if passed — prohibit people from residing in recreational vehicles in backyards, writes the New Philadelphia Times Reporter. Read More »

GCR’s Pet Resort offers furry friends a retreat

(Aug. 12, 2013) -- Many who visit the Grand Canyon Railroad in Williams, Ariz., travel with their family dog or cat in tow. While pet parents enjoy a trip to the Canyon, their furry friends have something to wag about at the Grand Canyon Railway's (GCR) Pet Resort. Read More »

Entegra recalls 174 for windshield wiper

(Aug. 12, 2013) -- Entegra Coach is recalling 174 model year 2013-2014 Anthem, Aspire, and Cornerstone motorhomes. The attachment mechanism that holds the windshield wiper arm to the wiper motor shaft could crack. Read More »