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RV Life: National Monument’s ancient rock formations

(May 16, 2018) -- The Santa Fe, New Mexico area offers a multitude of cultural and scenic attractions for RVers. One of the more scenic areas to explore is Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, located about 40 miles west of Santa Fe near the Pueblo de Cochiti, a historic pueblo of the Cochiti people. Read More »

RV Life: Go camping in Green Mountain National Forest

(May 11, 2018) -- When someone mentions boondocking, you typically think of public land in the western states. Mention boondocking and snowbirds in the same sentence and most people will narrow it down to the desert southwest and places like Quartzsite, Arizona where RVers migrate by the thousands every winter. Read More »

RV Life: How to stay safe in bear country

(May 10, 2018) -- "OMG it’s back! What do you do when they won’t leave?” This was a text message I received from a friend who was boondocking with her husband and dog near Mount Shasta in Northern California on their way north to Alaska. Read More »

RV Life: Check out these luxurious new motorhomes

(May 4, 2018) -- The latest motorhomes are here at Motor Home Specialist with lots of impressive new features. These top of the line coaches aren’t only big enough for the whole family but they come with residential appliances, high-end entertainment options and more. Read More »

RV Life: What to know about RVing with cats

(April 27, 2018) -- Many people take their dogs with them when they hit the road in their RVs. More and more people are traveling with their kitty companions as well. Having your furry buddy with you during your travels gives your trip more of a family feel, reduces stress, and saves money from having to board or find a pet sitter. Read More »

RV Life: A stress free experience at a RV show

(April 19, 2018) -- RV shows often have the best prices people can find on RVs. The problem is, once the shows are over for the year, those low event prices can be hard to find. Unless you’re ready to buy and have already done research online, the high-pressure environment of an RV show can make you feel rushed to get a good deal. Read More »

RV Life: First and largest state park in Oklahoma

(April 11, 2018) -- The Ardmore, Oklahoma area is home to some of the finest camping and golf facilities in the entire Sooner State. The crown jewel is Lake Murray State Park, Oklahoma’s first and largest state park that encompasses 12,500 acres. Read More »

RV Life: 10 RV kitchen ideas that cost $50 or less

(March 30, 2018) -- Giving your kitchen a makeover or simply making things more organized doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. We found some affordable ideas that will give your cooking space a fresh new look and make it easier to access the things you use every day. Read More »