Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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RV Life: Favorite place to visit in Wichita, Kansas

(Oct. 16, 2018) -- A lot has changed in Wichita, Kansas since its early days as a trading post on the cattle-driving Chisholm Trail during the 1860s. Today, this largest city in the Jayhawk State is home to nearly 400,000 residents. The picturesque and flat town is anchored by the Arkansas River. Read More »

RV Life: Couple downsized to travel full-time in a van

(Oct. 15, 2018) -- In the fall of 2014, Ian Achey and Lisa Aquino made a decision to shake things up. The two youthful climbing adventurers were tired of their comfortable, predictable lives, spending their days in an office at the 9-5 grind with a regular paycheck. Read More »

RV Life: Here’s where to camp for free in Ohio

(Oct. 9, 2018) -- Those of you that follow this blog on a regular basis know that I am all about free camping and boondocking. I have encountered many RVers that feel free camping and boondocking opportunities are only available in the western United States where there is an abundance of federal public land. Read More »

RV Life: Travel South this winter to N.M and Texas

(Oct. 8, 2018) -- Southern New Mexico offers pleasant weather during the fall and winter months, making it an attractive destination for many snowbirds. In the small town of Anthony, NM, visitors can find a comfortable RV park and a nearby golf course. Read More »

RV Life: This family RVs with exchange students

(Oct. 5, 2018) -- Jen Juneau is by every stretch of the definition an outdoorsy woman. She grew up an avid skier in the mountains of Colorado, has raced sled dogs, hiked across Spain on the Camino de Santiago Trail with her adult daughters, and has backpacked throughout the Rocky Mountains. Read More »

RV Life: Remote Texas resort has amazing golf course

(Oct. 5, 2018) -- Tucked away in West Texas between Big Bend National Park and Big Bend State Park, Lajitas Golf Resort is the perfect setting for an away-from-it-all adventure. Set in the picturesque Chisos Mountain range, the 27,000-acre Texas resort parallels the Rio Grande and is famous for its solitude, natural beauty, and rugged desert environment. Read More »

RV Life: Waterfront campground for only $20 a night

(Sept. 26, 2018) -- So, when we were traveling through California during the fall a couple of years ago with a similar forecast, we were surprised to find that we had our choice of waterfront campsites to choose from at Medeiros Campground. Not only waterfront and uncrowded, but a large shade tree too! Read More »

RV Life: New golf course in San Francisco

(Sept. 24, 2018) -- There’s a new golf course in Palo Alto, California—Baylands Golf Links. When it was originally constructed in 1956, it was known as the Palo Alto Municipal Golf Course. But earlier this year, the city-owned course underwent a major facelift and was reintroduced as Baylands Golf Links. Read More »

RV Life: This must-see waterfall is less than a mile hike

(Sept. 12, 2018) -- In the last installment, we explored Pine Creek Falls while base camped at Pine Creek Campground in the Gallatin National Forest. If you enjoy visiting waterfalls during your RV travels like me and my wife, be sure to also visit Woodbine Falls while exploring the Gallatin National Forest. Read More »