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Lazyday’s Tim Sheehan and videographer John Holod on podcast 44

(Feb. 12, 2015) -- The first guest is Tim Sheehan, the CEO of Lazydays RV. He talks about what is happening at one of the largest RV dealerships in the world and describes how the market in Tampa has changed in recent years, and what's behind the phenomenal growth in RV sales in that part of Florida. He also touches on the opening of the new Airstream Store at the Lazydays Tucson location, and how dealer-manufacturer partnerships like that can be game changers for consumers. The second guest is John Holod, owner of RV Adventure Videos, who has traveled throughout North America chronicling popular RV tours to places like Florida, Alaska, the Rocky Mountains, Route 66 and the New England Coast. Holod is available to help RV show promoters sell the sizzle and fun of the RV lifestyle by hosting a series of fun, informative presentations. Magicians, musicians and water-skiing squirrels aren't going to convince people to buy and use an RV, but learning about RV adventures will keep people talking for days and weeks after the show, he explained. Read More »

Velvac’s Jeff Porter and Blue Ox’ Ryan Thomas on podcast 38

(Dec. 18, 2014) -- The final podcast of 2014, episode 38, features two interviews from the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky. First up is Jeff Porter, the CEO of Velvac Corporation. The New Berlin, Wis., company is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2014, and is really making a push into the RV aftermarket to increase awareness among RV dealers about the firm's driver safety products. Next up is Ryan Thomas, a salesperson for Blue Ox. The Pender, Neb., company hasn't slowed down since the death of its founder, Jay Hesse, earlier this year. Ryan talks about the new Avail towbar and the company's chassis performance package, which gives dealers a great product to sell to help RV owners better enjoy their driving and towing experiences. Read More »

KOA’s Toby Hedges and Tents for Troops’ Charlie Curry on Episode 034

(Dec. 1, 2014) -- One of the outdoor industry's best marketing minds, Hedges talks about the explosion of interest in deluxe cabins as well as several new branding initiatives for KOA that include partnerships with RV industry groups, like Route 66 and Dometic. Curry, the founder of Tents for Troops, talks about an expansion plan he has launched to allow active duty military members free use recreation vehicles permanently parked at campgrounds. Read More »

Ben Hirsch plus Ed Thor on Podcast 33

(Nov. 26, 2014) -- Ben Hirsch, who oversees the day-to-day operations of nine dealerships between Florida and New Hampshire, has been active in developing fast-track training opportunities to help develop younger leaders into well-rounded dealership managers. He talks about how the RVDA's Young Executives Program was formed and how it is being received by the participants. Next up, Ed Thor, manager of RV services, and John Annichiarico, vice president of national sales for Vehicle Administrative Services (VAS) talk about their branded emergency roadside assistance programs being offered to dealers, manufacturers and associations. Read More »

Dawn and Mark Polk, from RV Education 101, on Podcast 031

(Nov. 13, 2014) -- The video was so well received, the Polk's launched RV Education 101 and eventually developed more than a dozen training videos for travel trailers, motorhomes and all the components on them. They have also developed a video series on how to restore an old travel trailer, and how they are creating instructional videos in partnership with some of the biggest supplier names in the RV industry. Read More »

Keystone’s Jim Mac, Protect All’s Ken Neuman on Podcast 029

(Oct. 14, 2014) -- The first guest this week is Jim Mac, the marketing director for Keystone RV. Recorded at the Elkhart Open House in September, Mac talks about the history of the company and the open house as well as the work the company does to maintain solid dealer relationships. Mac also talks about the research that goes into developing new products as he describes some innovative floorplans being introduced this year. Next up is Ken Neuman, the vice president of sales and marketing for Protect All. While at the Pennsylvania RV Show in early September, Newman asked to come on the show to talk about the company's line of easy-to-use RV cleaning products that create a solid profit center for RV dealers because of the versatility of the products. Read More »

Larry Milks, Kim Travaglino guests on Podcast episode 017

(July 25, 2014) -- Larry Milks, whose family grew Fantastic Vents from conception to its sale in 2010 is back with a new company and new product. Fabulous Operating Products launched the SAM-1 Range Hood Upgrade Kit that can replace traditional venting systems -- even roof-mounted vents. Then, Kimberly Travaglino, founder of Fulltime Families, talks about how her organization helps younger RVers live their dream of traveling together and roadschooling their children. Read More »

Dave Schutz, Dometic VP, is a guest on podcast episode 10

(May 22, 2014) -- On this weeks' episode of RV Industry News, Dave Schutz, the vice president of RV OEM sales and marketing for Dometic Corporation, explains how the company is structured to supply RV manufacturers and dealers -- and keep them supplied regardless of what happens in the world. Read More »

RV service expert Gary Motley on podcast episode 008

(May 8, 2014) -- In this episode Motley describes what it takes to operate a profitable RV service operation. It requires planning work flow, training staff, retaining quality workers, ensuring all paperwork is properly accounted for, charging enough money and, most importantly, providing quality customer service that makes them want to return. Read More »

Podcast episode 004 – An interview with Bert Alanko

(March 27, 2014) -- In the podcast interview, Alanko, the president of MBA Insurance, talks about the success of the 2014 RV Rental School and why so many dealers are interested in jumping into the rental market. He describes dealers who make between $500,000 and $1 million in states where they have only a six-month rental season. He describes the advantages for dealers to rent RVs, as well as some of the common pitfalls that dealers can avoid to improve their profitability. Read More »

Podcast episode 002 — David Houle plus Mark Douglass

(March 13, 2014) -- At the RVIA Annual Meeting, futurist David Houle describes how America is moving into the Shift Age, away from the Information Age. The huge cultural upheaval currently underway will result in a massive amount of change over the next few decades. Listen to what he has to say about how the Millennial generation joining forces with "digital natives," those born after 1998 -- a group that is 3 million larger than the Baby Boom -- who will become the new customers, new employees and new competitors as they shake traditional values. Then, Mark Douglass, founder of the RV Accessibility Group, describes a huge population of people who love to travel, but have mobility issues that hinder their ability to get around. Although the Americans with Disabilities Act requires specific things be done at businesses to make the facilities more accessible, Douglass said there are some common misconceptions regarding compliance with accessibility laws and why should RV dealers and campground owners must be more vigilant in serving this population of customers. Read More »