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Route 66 severs ties with NTP STAG

(Jan. 12, 2018) -- After a 15 year relationship that began with Stag Parkway and evolved into NTP Stag Coast, the ROUTE 66 RV Network has chosen to, effective immediately, resign their Network partnership with the parts distributor.

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Route 66 completes successful dealer rally

(Oct. 13, 2015) -- “Like Lincoln, who assembled a cabinet after his election that included three of his major Republican presidential nomination rivals and several opposing party leaders, Route 66 dealers and partners stand united as one body of competitors to meet the needs of each others customers as they travel the highways of North America,” said Merrill.

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Route 66 creates new 20 group with Marzahn & King

(March 11, 2015) -- “This new partnership promises to bring even higher levels of analysis with the web-based platform available to all Route 66 dealers." Marzahn explained. "Dealers will find the virtual groups to be faster-paced and more current."

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ROUTE 66: After the rains, a humbled highway

(Oct. 16, 2014) -- Travelers are being turned away from fabled Route 66 and large sections of the historic highway have been closed since mid-September after heavy desert thunderstorms washed out bridges and undermined sections of pavement.

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