Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Rolling in a RV: Mammoth Springs State Park

(Oct. 23, 2018) -- Mammoth Spring pumps out nine million gallons of water an hour. A dam built in 1887 created a small lake and provided power for a flour mill, cotton mill, and cotton gin. In 1925 the Arkansas-Missouri Power Company bought the rights to the dam and built a hydroelectric plant that was in use until 1972. Read More »

Rolling in a RV: Haines shoe house

(Oct. 16, 2018) -- The giant shoe was built in 1948 for Mahlon Haines as an advertisement for his shoe company. It has five stories, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. Read More »

Rolling in a RV: Museum of the American Revolution

(Oct. 4, 2018) -- Interesting exhibits, historical artifacts (including Washington’s campaign tent) and audio visual displays make this museum a good place to learn about the events leading up to the 1776 Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War. Read More »

Rolling in a RV: National Constitution Center

(Oct. 2, 2018) -- The Second Continental Congress agreed upon the Articles of Confederation shortly after the 13 colonies declared their independence from England in 1776. The articles served well during the Revolutionary War for conducting business in the US and with foreign countries but they gave little power to the federal government over the states. Read More »

Rolling in a RV: Hickory Run State Park

(Sept. 11, 2018) -- It was past Labor Day when we visited and very few of the 381 sites were occupied, giving us many choices. We found one that was level, shady, and roomy. The sites vary greatly and most that we saw are not very good – close together, mucky looking, and not level. The park could use some work. Read More »

Rolling in a RV: Carroll County Farm Museum

(Sept. 7, 2018) -- When Carroll County, Maryland was created by the Maryland General Assembly in 1837, one requirements was the construction of an almshouse to care for the poor, elderly, and sick who could not care for themselves or did not have family that could help them. Read More »

Rolling in a RV: Brown’s Orchard and Farmer’s Market

(Sept. 6, 2018) -- It’s been 7 months since our last Harvest Hosts stop (at the B.B. King museum in Mississippi) and almost a year since we stayed at a Harvest Hosts farm market. There haven’t been many along our route so we were looking forward to our stay at Brown’s Market. Read More »

Rolling in a RV: Greenbelt Park

(Sept. 4, 2018) -- Even though the park is managed by the National Park Service, it isn’t a national park and therefore has no exceptional scenery or historic significance but it does provide inexpensive camping with easy access to I- 495, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, and Washington DC. Read More »

Rolling in a RV: Louisville Purchase State Park

(April 20, 2018) -- In 1803 President Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana territory from France. The new land, which doubled the size of the US, wasn’t surveyed until 1815 when an initial point was established by two teams of surveyors. Read More »

Rolling in a RV: Wister Gardens

(March 9, 2018) -- In season azaleas, roses, and day lilies provide splashes of color in this garden. Very little was blooming during our visit. We still enjoyed wandering along the paths but were a little disappointed at the small size. Read More »