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Roadtreking: What is a class B plus RV?

(May 11, 2017) -- We’ve all heard of Class A, B and C recreational vehicles. But there’s also a Class B Plus. It’s a made-up class, technically more of a C than a B, and usually a bit wider (at seven foot, 10 inches) and longer (it’s 25 feet or so) than a B. Read More »

Roadtreking: Paying jobs for RVers

(May 10, 2017) -- Would you like to leave your current job and fulltime in an RV? Or perhaps you’re retired and would like to travel more in your recreational vehicle but need to have some income to offset the costs of living on the road. Read More »

Roadtreking: Janet’s first Roadtrek rally

(May 8, 2017) -- I arrived in Monterey, Calif., on May 2 to attend my first ever, RV rally. What makes this one sweet is that it is all Roadtreks. This rally is put on by the VP’s of Roadtrek International‘s Chapter 9, Mary Jane and Jeff Curry. Read More »

Roadtreking: Where the RV industry is headed

(May 5, 2017) -- In this week’s interview, we sit down with Jim Hammill, the CEO of the Erwin Hymer Group of North America, the corporate owners of Roadtrek Motorhomes. Jim is a straight talking, shoot from the hip guy who tells it like it is and coming up in the interview segment of the podcast, you’ll learn how the trends shaping the RV industry will impact your RV Lifestyle. Read More »

Roadtreking: 5 excuses people use not to buy an RV

(May 4, 2017) -- This morning, just back from an RV show in the Phoenix, Ariz., area where we talked to a lot of current and future RV owners, the quote seems particularly appropriate. It’s from author Seth Godin and it reads like this: “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from. ” Read More »

Roadtreking: Best three severe weather apps

(May 3, 2017) -- It’s always a good idea to keep a handle on current and future weather conditions, especially in the midst of spring’s severe weather season as RVers travel across the country in their first trips of the season. Read More »

Roadtreking: Some things are the same

(May 2, 2017) -- We’re finally out roaming the French countryside two days after getting our Roadtrek off the boat in Antwerp, but first we had to attend to a few things. The first thing we had to do is caravan the Roadtrek and the rental car to the rental car office to return it, always a fun thing to do. Read More »

Roadtreking: Getting us (and our Roadtrek) to Europe

(April 26, 2017) -- Well, we’re here! I’m sitting in a airport hotel in Brussels, Belgium with my wife Sharon and Fiona the Fearless Kitty, and everyone else is fast asleep at 4 p.m. local time – six time zones is a lot of distance. I have been plotting and planning for months to get us and our Roadtrek campervan to Europe for years and it was both rewarding and a bit terrifying to see all the plans fall into place. Read More »

Roadtreking: Craziest campground stories

(April 18, 2017) -- We were camped at Yosemite, on the valley floor, near the restrooms. We saw not just one or two, but several people using the porto-potty dump to wash their dishes. I mean, it looks like a giant toilet, set low to the ground. You’d think that’d be a clue... Read More »

Roadtreking: Campskunk goes RVing in Europe

(April 14, 2017) -- Our longtime boondocking buddy Campskunk has shared lots of information on the blog and podcast about traveling North America as a fulltime RVer. But he’s now expanding his territory and is about to embark on a six month RV tour of Europe. Read More »

Roadtreking: Ready to toss the clutter?

(April 12, 2017) -- Lots of folks are considering selling the sticks and bricks house and becoming a fulltime RVer. Others want to downsize and declutter. Still others need to do some spring cleaning of all the stuff they’ve been carrying around on their RV trips. Read More »

Roadtreking: Dewinterizing, sanitizing RV water tanks

(April 11, 2017) -- After draining out the RV antifreeze from my fresh water tanks, I always sanitize it. I use a little bit of bleach. You could use chlorine or similar products sold by RV dealers. I also get a new water filter each year, and a new hose made especially for RV drinking water. Read More »