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Roadtreking: The different stages of the RV lifestyle

(July 18, 2018) -- Perhaps you’re a seasoned RVer entering those golden years and not able to be quite as physically active as you once were. In this episode of the podcast, we talk about the different stages of the RV Lifestyle and the opportunities and challenges each stage presents along the way. Read More »

Roadtreking: Smokeless campfires

(July 4, 2018) -- We love sitting around a campfire. But, like a lot of people, we are not big fans of the smoke and mess that comes with a traditional campfire. That smoky smell permeates our clothes and even our hair and it can be quite unpleasant. Read More »

Roadtreking: Bridge walking in Michigan

(June 27, 2018) -- Aune Oswald Campground in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan is one really nice place to stay if you want to set up camp, watch freighters steam up and down the St. Mary's River and just plain hang out in a nice town. From there we saw fifteen freighters just from our campsite. Read More »

Roadtreking: Our glacier gathering starts today

(June 18, 2018) -- Here's our LIVE “Ask Us Anything” streaming video from last night at our Roadtreking Glacier National Park Photo Safari gathering. We recorded it from our spot in the Chewing Blackbones RV Resort, right outside the Many Glaciers entry to this amazing park Read More »

Roadtreking: 8 helpful RV lifestyle tips

(June 4, 2018) -- We get lots of ideas and tips sent in by our audience. Some are too short for a full-length report, but still useful. We’ve saved all the tips you have sent us this year and by combining a bunch of them together, we’ve got a great report. Read More »

Roadtreking: Arthurdale, W.Va.

(May 28, 2018) --  If you were a West Virginia coal miner, life was especially hard in the early 1930s. The Great Depression had pulled the bottom out of the coal market, and there were no jobs to be found anywhere in the region. Read More »