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Prevost recalls 71 coaches to fix steering arm

Product recall

(Feb. 28, 2017) -- Prevost Cars is recalling 71 2017 H3-45 and X3-45 motor coaches. These vehicles have steering arm levers that were incorrectly forged, possibly resulting in the steering arm levers cracking and failing, NHTSA reported. Read More »

Thor Motor Coach recalls 1,824 RVs to fix wipers

Product recall

(Feb. 28, 2017) -- Thor Motor Coach is recalling 1,824 2014-2015 Tuscany, Tuscany XTE and Palazzo motorhomes because the windshield wiper systems on these vehicles may have been improperly installed or secured, causing the wipers to fail during operation, NHTSA warned. Read More »

Daimler Vans recalls 2 Sprinters to fix driveshaft

Product recall

(Feb. 28, 2017) -- The affected vehicles were manufactured without a driveshaft catch strap, allowing a loose driveshaft to strike the fuel tank. A loose driveshaft may strike and puncture the gas tank, resulting in a fuel leak and increasing the risk of a fire, NHTSA warned. Read More »

Heartland recalls 603 RVs to prevent LP gas leak

Product recall

WASHINGTON — Heartland Recreational Vehicles is recalling 603 2017 Cyclone and Road Warrior toy haulers equipped with a Furrion cook top, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported today. The liquid propane (LP) hose that is connected to the cook top may be angled incorrectly, causing excessive pressure on the hose fitting and the gas valve, potentially resulting in a propane leak. A propane leak in the presence of an ignition source can increase the risk of a fire, NHTSA warned. Remedy Heartland will notify owners, and dealers will install a flexible gas connector from the cook top to the LP hose, free of charge. The manufacturer has not yet provided a notification schedule. Owners may contact Heartland customer service at 877.262.8032. Heartland’s number for this recall is 99.01.33. SOURCE: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration bulletin Read More »

Heartland recalls three RVs to correct label

Product recall

(Feb. 21, 2017) -- Heartland Recreational Vehicles is recalling three 2017 Sundance recreation trailers because the federal certification label on these vehicles may not have the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) listed on the label, NHTSA warned. Read More »

Cruiser RV recalls 34 to move furnace port

Product recall

(Feb. 20, 2017) -- Cruiser RV s recalling 34 2016-2017 Boss recreation trailers because the affected vehicles have a vertically-mounted furnace installed so the exhaust ports may be at the top of the furnace instead of at the bottom, NHTSA warned. Read More »

REV recalls 391 motorhomes to address fuel leak

Product recall

(Feb. 20, 2017) -- In the affected vehicles, the spring shackle bolt may contact the fuel filler components or the fuel vent tubing causing a hole, potentially resulting in a fuel leak. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source can increase the risk of a fire, NHTSA warned. Read More »

Truma recalls BBQ gas valves in the UK

Truma recalled products

(Feb. 20, 2017) -- Leaks in the Truma gas outdoor socket and two gas removal valves can cause gas to leak uncontrollably from the affected products. In unfavorable circumstances, this can lead to gas deflagration and injuries. The company claims it has not yet heard of such a case. Read More »

Highland Ridge recalls 148 RVs for axle alignment

Product recall

(Feb. 15, 2017) -- Highland Ridge RV is recalling 148 2016-2017 Open Range fifth wheel vehicles because the axle hangers on the affected vehicles may puncture the riser tube wall, allowing the axle to shift and become misaligned, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported. Read More »

Jayco recalls 93 units to fix break away switch

Product recall

(Feb. 15, 2017) -- In the affected vehicles, the break away switch may not be properly wired. If the breakaway switch does not function correctly due to improper wiring and the trailer disconnects from the tow vehicle during transit, the fifth wheel brakes will not automatically apply, increasing the risk of a crash, NHTSA warned. Read More »