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NTP-STAG announces 2019 EXPO location and dates

(Feb. 2, 2018) -- “The results this year were phenomenal,” said Bill Rogers, Keystone/NTP-STAG business leader. “We saw an increase in the number of attending accounts placing orders and the average order size for those accounts were up considerably over the previous year." Read More »

Route 66 severs ties with NTP STAG

(Jan. 12, 2018) -- After a 15 year relationship that began with Stag Parkway and evolved into NTP Stag Coast, the ROUTE 66 RV Network has chosen to, effective immediately, resign their Network partnership with the parts distributor. Read More »

RV University and PRO Seminar lineup announced for NTP-STAG EXPO

(Jan. 9, 2018) -- “Each year we bring in qualified subject matter experts to develop and teach our courses. We focus on our industry as well as the larger business landscape to provide our attendees with a wide variety of topics and perspectives which we believe enrich the overall learning experience,” says John Spaulding, NTP-STAG. Read More »

NTP-Stag announces PRO speaker line-up

(Dec. 17, 2015) -- The 2016 line-up is geared to address key industry and retailing hot-spots. Attendees will be able to choose their tracks from a curriculum that includes merchandising, selling and customer engagement. Read More »

NTP-Stag promises ‘business as usual’

(July 9, 2015) -- "We will continue the 'best of both worlds' approach we started during the NTP-Stag integration as we plan the Coast Distribution combination. Due to our recent investments in capacity and training (in all functions), we feel great about the opportunity to deliver benefits for our collective stakeholders," said Petrivelli. Read More »

NTP-Stag renews partnership with Priority RV

(Jan. 16, 2015) -- "Keystone Automotive Operations acquired Stag-Parkway in October 2014. Since then we have consistently said we will bring together the best of the NTP and Stag Parkway and raise the bar in the industry," said Santangelo. Read More »

Destination business expert to speak at Stag show

(Jan. 15, 2015) -- The two-hour breakout session, “Turn Your RV Dealership into a Destination Business,” will describe the 14-step strategy that has helped boost retail sales by up to 40 percent in some communities by catching shoppers’ attention with irresistible unique identities and product spotlighting. Read More »

NTP-Stag continues relationship with Route 66

(Dec. 9, 2014) -- “Our goal in creating NTP-Stag is to bring together the best of both companies," said Santangelo. "We view the program that Stag-Parkway had with Route 66 as part of that and are happy that our partnership will continue on and hopefully grow even stronger." Read More »