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Roadtrek introduces new CS-Adventurous Class B

(April 30, 2013) -- Roadtrek Motorhomes has introduced its latest Class B model, the CS-Adventurous. The CS is built on the Mercedes Sprinter van and is the ultimate small motorhome for the real RVer, according to Roadtrek President Jim Hammill. Read More »

LIFESTYLE Luxury RV announces new LS38RS floorplan

(April 24, 2013) -- “Our customers continue to provide us invaluable insights and ideas on what they want to see in a luxury fifth wheel, and the LS38RS is another exciting example of how that input drives our engineering, design and product development,” said Bond. Read More »

KZBluestar alerts RV owners, dealers to problems

(April 24, 2013) -- "KZBluestar picks up where most traditional security systems stop, by allowing property owners to be contacted whenever there is any sort of disturbance, from water leaks to potential vandalism," said Koch. "Anyone who notices a problem with a home can contact KZBluestar who will then alert the owner as well as the proper authorities if necessary."

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PDF Maps app now offers waypoint importing and exporting

(April 23, 2013) -- Avenza Systems Inc. has announced its latest social sharing feature to its award-winning PDF Maps app with the introduction of waypoint importing and exporting, which allows users who have recorded specific map points of interest the ability to share them with others in minutes. Read More »

My Pole-ish Horseshoes introduces “next great camping game”

(April 23, 2013) -- My Pole-ish Horseshoes is the new “hot camping game for 2013,” says Eamon A. Casucci, vice president of My Pole-ish Horseshoes, LLC. The object of the game is to score points by throwing a Frisbee at the opponent’s pole and knocking the wiffle ball off its perch. The first team to get 21 points wins the game. Read More »

Jayco launches new Class A motorhome

(April 22, 2013) -- Jayco, Inc. announced today that it is entering the gasoline-powered Class A motorhome market with the launch of a new product line called Precept. The Precept Class A motorhome will initially be available in two models, 29-foot and 31-foot, and will be sold through authorized Jayco motorhome dealers worldwide. Read More »

ADK Packworks introduces The Grocer reusable bag

(April 18, 2013) -- DK Packworks today announced the debut of its reusable grocery bag, The Grocer. This innovative new take on the classic Adirondack pack basket includes a semi-rigid internal frame and a flat bottom for increased stability, independent of the load, to keep groceries and other odds and ends organized and standing upright, even when traveling.

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Yamaha introduces new pressure washer

(April 12, 2013) -- Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A.’s outdoor power equipment division today announced its new Yamaha PW3028 Pressure Washer. The 3,000 PSI pressure washer has 2.8 gallons per minute of flow for cleaning requirements frequent users demand. Read More »

Fastway’s Chain-Up fixes dragging safety chains

(April 12, 2013) -- Fastway Trailer Products has introduced a new solution to dragging safety chains. Unlike the do-it-yourself methods of looping or twisting chains to increase lift, the new Fastway Chain-Up is a durable rubber sling designed to lift chains off the ground without compromising safety. Read More »

Host Industries introduces Mammoth truck camper

(April 11, 2013) -- The new unit features full-wall slides, an 8-foot-wide floor, a walk through dry bathroom, simulated fireplace, floor-to-ceiling pantry, large wardrobe, two hallways (entries) into the bed making access much easier, and a 41-by-80-inch slideout tray in the basement.

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Skeeter Skidaddler sents mosquitoes packing

(April 10, 2013) -- "Our mosquito repellent will last as long as other brands, has a natural warm, sweet, spicy, scent that won’t leave your skin feeling greasy and all the while you’ll stay safe from the mosquitoes," said Allison. "Our ingredients consist of organic sunflower oil and all natural essential oils. Everyone except the bugs seems attracted to our fragrant spray on mosquito repellent: men, women, boys and girls like this fragrance."

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