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Live. Work. Dream.: From plan A to plan B

(July 16, 2018) -- You can plan a trip as much as you want, but things happen and suddenly you’re traveling down another road. That’s what’s going on with us right now. Plan A is dead and we are no longer headed north to Fairbanks. It’s time to move on to Plan B. Read More »

Live. Work. Dream.: Comfort is overrated

(June 8, 2018) -- Weeks ago, I caught the end of an interview with Luvvie Ajayi on NPR as part of their Comfort Zone series on the TED Radio Hour. Ever since, three simple words she spoke have been ringing true to me. Read More »

Live. Work. Dream.: RVing is for everyone

May 10, 2018) -- I have to admit, when Isaac Aaron Media first contacted us about appearing in an RV lifestyle segment of a series they’re producing for Camping World, I was a bit wary at first. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t care to appear in a commercial since our campsites never quite resemble those seen in the stereotypical RV dealer advertisement. Read More »

Live Work Dream: North, to Alaska!

(April 27, 2018) -- After 10+ years on the road, and nearly as long talking about heading north to Alaska, were are now finally on our way. No, we don’t have any detailed travel itinerary. Read More »

Live. Work. Dream.: RV video bloggers can be cool

(March 29, 2018) -- At the Xscapers bash in Quartzsite a couple months back, we stood by as an enthusiastic couple new to RVing interrupted us and start gushing over our cool friends from Drivin’ and Vibin’. Kyle and Olivia regularly produce cool RV lifestyle videos, and the couple was eager to meet them. Read More »

Live. Work. Dream.: Our first Thousand Trails Membership test drive

(March 23, 2018) -- People who know us might be shocked to see that we did our first Thousand Trails membership test drive last week. But before anyone starts wondering if we’ve gone soft and given up our boondocking lifestyle, let me explain why we dipped our toe in the water in the Thousand Trails Palm Springs Resort. Read More »

Live. Work. Dream.: A day at the races

(March 14, 2018) -- We’re not huge NASCAR fans, but when we learned that Stewart-Haas Racing had Clint Bowyer driving the One Cure car in the Las Vegas 400 – the same week we were in town for the Western Veterinary Conference – we raced to get credentials. One Cure #14 car. Read More »

Live. Work. Dream.: RV cell signal booster review, tips

(March 1, 2018) -- Anyone who has been following our adventures over the past 10+ years knows that I am a big advocate for our satellite internet dish. I’ve always postponed getting a cellular signal booster since that is our go-to solution when traveling in areas of poor (or nonexistent) cell coverage. Read More »

Live. Work. Dream.: Another cool use for Zus

(Jan. 31, 2018) -- In the madness that is Quartzsite this time of year, we recently attended the Xscapers Bash. We only parked about 800 feet away from the main gathering point, but with hundreds of RVs gathered in such a small area, we had a hard time finding our way back home in the dark after roaming around for a while crashing campfires. Read More »

Live. Work. Dream.: Some inspiring super seniors

(Dec. 20, 2017) -- It’s always fun meeting new people on the road. We’ve encountered entertainers, odd balls, fun freaks, lots of fellow nomads, geniuses, gentlemen, plenty of good ol’ boys and just plain regular folks who left a good impression. Read More »