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Five steps to better travel photography

(Sept. 20, 2017) -- "'You take great pictures–you must have a great camera!' is a comment is quite far from the truth and really annoys me when I hear it," writes Claude Angers, from Leisure Travel Vans. Read More »

7 things about Leisure Travel Vans you may not know

(July 12, 2017) -- While consumers may know their Leisure Travel vans inside and out, Dean Corrigal, territory sales manager for Leisure Travel Vans, shares seven things they may not know in a recent Leisure Travel Vans blog. Sustainability, favorite floor plans and the company's employees are all topics of discussion. Read More »

Leisure Travel Vans: Why Canada is the place to visit

(May 2, 2017) -- This year, Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday by offering free entry to all National Parks. Plus, plenty of Provincial Parks and individual cities have planned events to celebrate Canada over the upcoming camping season. Why not join the celebration? Read More »

Leisure Travel Vans launches interactive website

(April 4, 2017) -- Users can explore a vast amount of new product and company information through enhanced product pages as well as interactive tools such as an automotive-style product configurator. The company also launched MyLTV, the new online home for Leisure Travel Vans owners. Read More »

Forbes features story on Leisure Travel Vans

(Jan. 2, 2017) -- after recently stumbling across a luxury van that most people can actually afford — outfitted with flat screen televisions, full kitchens, a full queen-sized bed, a dry bathroom (that means it has a standalone shower), and high-end woodwork and finishes — I’m happily eating my words," Taylor wrote. Read More »