Friday, August 17, 2018
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Gypsy Journal RV: Historic Railpark Train Museum

(Aug. 9, 2018) -- We are very familiar with Bowling Green, Kentucky because back when we were teaching at Life on Wheels one of our regular venues was at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. It’s a friendly small city with a lot to see and do in the area, including cave tours and the always popular National Corvette Museum. Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: Time to go home

(July 30, 2018) -- After our very long day driving through West Virginia that I wrote about in yesterday’s blog, we were both exhausted and slept very well at the Hampton Inn in Wytheville, Virginia. Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: Driving along the river

(July 26, 2018) -- We had a great time in the Cincinnati area and came away with several stories to share with you about some of the interesting places you can visit on your next trip to the Queen City in future blog posts. Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: It is a small world

(July 23, 2018) -- Our reasons for being in the Cincinnati area were threefold, to do some book promotion, to meet with my author friend Carol Ann Newsome for a discussion on books and publishing projects, and to do some genealogy research. Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: The branded hand

(July 18, 2018) -- While it may seem odd to say that we enjoy visiting the dead, we have found some of our best stories while exploring cemeteries. After all, what better place could there be to learn about history than where those who made it are laid to rest? Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: Hanging up the keys

(June 26, 2018) -- A blog reader contacted me yesterday asking when Miss Terry and I knew it was time to hang up the keys. He and his wife have been fulltiming for close to 10 years and enjoyed it much of that time. Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: World’s largest toy museum

(June 8, 2018) -- Adults are just children in big people clothes. We all have an inner child, though with some of us that youngster is closer to the surface than with others. But who doesn’t remember those innocent years when our biggest concern was what Santa would leave us under the Christmas tree? Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: Another project done

(May 21, 2018) -- My goal on Thursday was to get another 5,000 words done on my new Big Lake book since I’m behind schedule and trying to catch up. But it always seems like when I’m in a situation like that the gremlins go to work overtime. Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: A great unplanned day

(May 15, 2018) -- We were supposed to get a lot of rain yesterday and since we have been busy for several days in a row, Terry and I decided to just have a laid-back stay-at-home do-nothing day. That was the plan. But you know what they always say – if you want to hear God laugh, just make plans. Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: It’s going to take some work

(May 14, 2018) -- In yesterday’s blog I told you about my plan to sink some lengths of 4-inch diameter thick-walled PVC into the ground at the edge of a ditch that borders our property to help form a rough seawall to stop erosion and to give us something against which to put in some fill dirt to reclaim what we’ve lost already. Read More »