Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Gypsy Journal RV: Fear is a four letter word

(Oct. 16, 2017) -- I received an email the other day from someone telling me that they had reservations at the Las Vegas Thousand Trails preserve for two weeks this month, but now they’re thinking about canceling them. Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: Museum of the Horse Soldier

(Oct. 12, 2017) -- It seems only fitting that a place as steeped in Western history as Tucson, Ariz., would be home to the Museum of the Horse Soldier, which has to be one of the most interesting museums we have visited anywhere. Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: Cajun Country

(Oct. 9, 2017) -- After our unplanned overnight stop in Sulfur, La., to get our Explorer’s air-conditioning compressor replaced, we drove 45 miles east on Interstate 10 to the friendly small town of Jennings. Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: Goodbye Winnie

(Oct. 3, 2017) -- PPL is very good about walking you through the entire process ahead of time, sending you forms to fill out and a list of things that must be done before your appraisal meeting. Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: Hurricane Irma

(Sept. 19, 2017) -- In tomorrow’s blog I’ll probably tell you about the things that took place while we were gone, but right now people seem more interested in knowing that we are okay. Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: Reluctant evacuees

(Sept. 7, 2017) -- We had planned on leaving Saturday to go up to Tuscaloosa, Ala., for my daughter-in-law’s medical procedure, but seeing the news and knowing what kind of gridlock is possible, we changed our minds and decided to leave early. Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: Stay away, Irma!

(Sept. 6, 2017) -- While folks in Texas and Louisiana are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, here in Florida we are watching the Caribbean, where Hurricane Irma is making a path toward us. Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: Enough is enough

(Sept. 1, 2017) -- Yesterday morning I work up with a warm, fuzzy feeling. The fuzzy was because I haven’t shaved my back recently, and the warm was because our darned air conditioner quit again. Read More »