Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Girl Camper: Danielle Howard

(Sept. 19, 2017) -- When Danielle’s young husband died suddenly from a heart attack she made a decision to give her daughter the life she had imagined before widowhood- road trips, adventures and camping. Read More »

Girl Camper: Ageless Aunt Sue

(Sept. 5, 2017) -- My Aunt, Suzanne Saunders to the rest of the world, is an 81 year old continent hopping, mountain climbing, adventure seeking, parachute jumping, wonder woman who has inspired me to go places and do things. Read More »

Girl Camper: Van camping with Laureen Vinacombe

(July 27, 2017) -- Laureen wanted to be a Girl Camper but was not in a position to buy a travel trailer. She took to heart my advice to not let the lack of a trailer prevent her from joining the fun. Laureen tricked out her family mini van and joined us on her first camping trip this past spring. Read More »

Girl Camper: Trip planning part two

(July 5, 2017) -- On this week’s episode I continue with Part Two of my Trip Planning Show. A road trip of any length requires planning but a 5,500 mile, 4 week trip really takes some forethought. Read More »

Girl Camper: Trip planning part one

(June 27, 2017) -- On today’s show I am sharing my process for planning the National Parks Tour I am heading out on this summer. If you have ever thought about taking time to visit our National Parks or have wanted to take a loooong road trip to places you’ve been dreaming of, this is the show for you. Read More »