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Small business owner optimism levels off

(May 9, 2016) -- Small-business owners' optimism has leveled off over the last year and a half. The current index reading is more than 90 points higher than at points in 2010, but still well below readings for the years prior to 2008, Gallup explained. Read More »

Americans outlook for job market holding higher

(March 24, 2016) -- While Americans' perceptions of the job market are certainly improved from the depths of the recession years, the current reading still means that more than half of Americans don't think it is a good time to find a quality job, Gallup reported. Read More »

Economic confidence steady in February

(March 1, 2016) -- Despite economic confidence declining over the past year, consumers remain much more upbeat than they were during the Great Recession and post-recession years of 2009 to 2011, researchers discovered. Read More »

More small businesses adopt chip technology

(Feb. 26, 2018) -- Small-business owners who accept point-of-sale credit card purchases needed to be in compliance with the mandate beginning in October 2015, or risk being held liable for fraudulent purchases using non-chip-enabled equipment, Gallup noted. Read More »

Small business owners growing more optimistic

(Feb. 17, 2016) -- This quarter's increase is linked to an uptick in small-business owners' perceptions of their cash flow, and the current 60 percent of owners who report a "very good" or "somewhat good" cash flow is the highest recorded since Quarter 4, 2007. Read More »

Job creation index hovers below record high

(Feb. 3, 2016) -- Workers' assessments of hiring activity in their workplaces remain upbeat, but not quite as positive as Gallup found last year. Although hiring activity generally declines in the winter months compared with the summer months, there haven't been obvious seasonal differences. Read More »

Americans generally upbeat about finances

(Jan. 25, 2016) -- Forty-four percent of U.S. adults say they are financially "better off" than they were a year ago, while slightly more than one in three (35 percent) say they are "worse off," Gallup reported today. Read More »