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U.S. economic confidence plunges further, drops 16 points

(Nov. 5, 2013) -- Americans' confidence in the U.S. economy sank for the month of October amid the partial U.S. government shutdown and partisan bickering over the federal debt limit. For the entire month, Gallup's Economic Confidence Index was down 16 points, the sharpest monthly drop since Gallup began tracking economic confidence daily in 2008, Read More »

Married people spend more money than singles, Gallup reported

(Oct. 28, 2013) -- Married Americans report a daily spending average of $102, followed by $98 among those who are living in domestic partnerships, $74 by divorced Americans, $67 by those who are single and never married, and $62 by those who are widowed. Across all age groups, those who are married spend more than those of other marital statuses, Gallup noted. Read More »