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Only one-third of employees are engaged at work

(March 7, 2017) -- Company size, employment status and economic conditions can all play a part in how employees feel about their jobs and organizations, as can occupation, tenure and education level, but managers play the biggest role, Gallup explained. Read More »

Gallup: U.S. economy shows no recovery

(Dec. 7, 2016) -- The Gallup study, released today, finds there is no recovery. Since 2007, U.S. GDP per capita growth has been 1 percent. The Great Recession may be over, but America is dangerously running on empty. Read More »

Women lead men on workplace engagement issues

(Nov. 16, 2016) -- Employees who work for a female manager are 6 percentage points more engaged, on average, than those who work for a male manager. Female employees who work for a female manager are the most engaged; male employees who report to a male manager are the least engaged. Read More »

U.S. workers report increased job satisfaction

(Aug. 29, 2016) -- While more U.S. workers in 2016 are reporting that they are completely satisfied with their retirement plans, flexible hours and pay, Gallup research shows that workers who are happy with these tangible benefits, but who are not engaged, produce little in return to their employers for these benefits. Read More »

Americans’ assessment of job market slightly worse

(Aug. 10, 2016) — About four in 10 Americans (39 percent) in August say it is a good time to find a quality job, Gallup reported. Though this is down slightly from the 43 percent who said the same last month, the latest figure remains within the 38 percent to 45 percent range Gallup has recorded for this question in 2015 and 2016. Read More »

Business owner optimism inches up

(Aug. 5, 2016) -- Small-business owners are a bit more optimistic now than they were last quarter, but from a big picture perspective, optimism has yet to show signs of returning to the higher levels recorded before 2008, Gallup reported. Read More »

Economic confidence hovers near 2016 low

(July 27, 2016) -- The current conditions score was -6 last week, essentially where it has been since early June. This reflects 25% saying current economic conditions are "excellent" or "good" and 31% saying they are "poor." Read More »

U.S. economic confidence stuck at lower level

(July 19, 2016) -- The economic outlook score averaged -27 last week, slightly lower than scores before mid-June. This reflects 34 percent of Americans saying the economy is getting better and 61 percent saying it is getting worse. Read More »

U.S. job creation holds at 8-year high in June

(July 12, 2016) -- The fact that only 11 percent of workers say that their employer is letting workers go, while four times that many say their company is hiring, suggests a relatively positive jobs situation at this juncture, Gallup noted. Read More »