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Gadget Guru: Prevost for newbies

(May 1, 2018) -- Believe it or not, this is Part 10 of The Gadget Guru’s Prevost for Newbies video series. In previous posts I’ve covered various aspects of shopping for a new or pre-owned luxury motorcoach as well as understanding the operations of a Prevost motorhome. Read More »

Gadget Guru: What you need to know about DEF

(June 19, 2017) -- For people who own a newer diesel-powered motorhome, there’s a good chance it requires diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). But what is DEF and what’s the rule of thumb on how to use it? Gadget Guru Andy Pargh asked on his blog. Read More »

Gadget Guru takes issue with Florida RV resort

(May 18, 2017) -- "Posting a review that states flaws that are correctable can be a positive influence as it could motivate those in charge to institute changes that could benefit users, or in the case of the Grand Lake RV & Golf Resort, benefit future visitors. This is what I’m hoping to accomplish," wrote Pargh. Read More »

Gadget Guru interviews Prevost exec re: Class As

(May 5, 2017) -- "This interview is an unscripted, candid conversation that focuses on the differences between Prevost conversions and top tier Class A motorhomes and provides insight to anyone who’s considering a purchase of this magnitude," said Pargh. Read More »

Gadget Guru reviews Spartan collision system

(Feb. 1, 2017) -- In the video Pargh produced, people can meet Steve Guillaume, the president of the Spartan Motors Specialty Vehicle Division. They discuss a variety of motorhome-related topics, but especially the recently-introduced Spartan’s Collision Mitigation System. Read More »