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Do It Yourself RV: 6 historic Presidential sites across the US

(Nov. 12, 2018) -- One of the greatest things about traveling the country—whether in an RV or otherwise—is the opportunity to see all of the amazing historic sites our nation has to offer. Sure, our country may be young. However, we’ve had a lot going on in our short history, and it is fascinating to witness the sites where incredible historic events took place. Read More »

Do It Yourself RV: 8 things to do on a shakedown trip

(Nov. 9, 2018) -- It doesn’t matter if you have a brand new RV or a longtime trusted travel trailer, you will eventually have to take it out after a long break. This can be done in the spring after a long winter, or during the winter after a long hot summer. Read More »

Do It Yourself RV: Laundry storage solutions to save space

(Nov. 8, 2018) -- Living in an RV means getting pretty creative when it comes to storage. Everything from food to office supplies must have a specific place, and cleaning things up as soon as you’re finished with them absolutely must be routine in order to keep the place from slipping into utter chaos. Read More »

Do It Yourself RV: 7 essential tips for RVing with a bike

(Nov. 2, 2018) -- Camping and bicycles go hand in hand. Whether you enjoy mountain biking through the wilderness or a leisurely ride over the campground roads, riding during a camping trip just feels natural. Besides, having a bike to get around town is great when you don’t pull a tow car behind you or don’t want to unhitch the trailer. Read More »

Do It Yourself RV: 5 weird smells in your RV

(Oct. 31, 2018) -- RV life is full of weird smells. Seriously, I feel like every time I turn around I’m sniffing out a new odd scent and trying to decide how important it is to track it down. You see, some scents are completely harmless—yes, I’m talking about you, last night’s dinner leftovers—while others could actually signal a real issue. Read More »

Do It Yourself RV: 8 southwest towns to visit this winter

(Oct. 16, 2018) -- One of the best parts about having a home-on-wheels is the freedom to head south for year-round sunshine. The southwest draws in thousands of snowbirds every year for good reason: the daytime temperatures stay pleasantly warm all winter and there is tons to see and do. Read More »

Do It Yourself RV: 5 life lessons learned while RVing

(Oct. 15, 2018) -- Are you thinking of or planning to start full-time RVing? If yes, we say go for it! We began full-time RVing over four years ago and over the years we’ve learned a lot about life. Not just life on the road, but life in general. Here are five life lessons that we’ve learned while full-time RVing. Read More »