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Podcast 97: Camping World IPO and RVShare

(June 23, 2016) -- Podcast 97 features Ravi Parikh, founder of RoverPass, who has a degree in finance and economics and was intrigued by the announcement that Camping World was preparing an initial public offering of stock. He sees the IPO as the first leg in a unique strategy to give Camping World nearly a billion to buy more dealerships and further consolidate the RV retail market. He also suggests that Camping World could divest itself from Good Sam Club. The second guest is Joel Clark, the founder of RVShare a company that allows RV owners to rent out their RVs when not in use. Clark explains how the program came about and why it is right for the RV industry. He describes how the process works and the protections built in to the system to protect RV owners and renters alike. Read More »

Quartz: Does Lemonis deserve +50% after IPO?

(June 16, 2016) -- But giving the CEO that much control makes less sense for a company founded 50 years ago. Camping World’s business model is well established, and while innovation in marketing is possible, it’s a stretch to argue that Lemonis’ singular vision is essential to the company’s future. Read More »

OPINION: Brace yourselves for the CW media frenzy

(June 13, 2016) -- If you thought the presidential election was going to be bad, wait until you see all the wonderful stories about Camping World popping up this summer all over the place. If I had a knack for marketing, I would sell red, white and blue Boy Wonder capes embroidered with a stylish capital L. Read More »

Florida ABC station details Camping World suit

(June 6, 2016) -- Marcus Lemonis is touted as a business guru and savior of dying companies on the reality show "The Profit" on CNBC, but one South Florida businesswoman claims in court that all he did was try to kill hers, WPLG-TV reported. Read More »

Florida ABC station investigates Camping World

(June 3, 2016) -- WPLG-TV, an ABC affiliate in the Miami area, will air an investigative report tonight at 11 p.m. regarding the ongoing legal dispute between Camping World, its CEO Marcus Lemonis, and Florida RV dealer Gigi Stetler, RV Daily Report has learned. Read More »

OPINION: Lemonis readies his golden parachute

(May 5, 2016) -- News today that Camping World is preparing to take the company public in an initial stock offering should come as no surprise to anyone in the RV industry. That has been the most speculated story of the past five years, and for good reason. Read More »