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More California campgrounds welcome pets

RVIA boy dog motorhome

(April 19, 2017) -- “Private campground operators are recognizing that it makes good business sense to be pet friendly, and more and more of them are offering very high quality pet amenities and services,” Sipe said. Read More »

CalARVC parks report higher occupancy

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(April 18, 2017) -- RV parks across the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys are experiencing higher occupancies this spring, with some parks reporting record levels of business for this time of year. Read More »

Some CalARVC campgrounds feature restaurants

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(April 17, 2017) -- some campgrounds and RV resorts are also surprising their guests with yet another enticement: delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners. “Depending on where you go, you can find campgrounds and RV resorts that serve everything from pancakes to prime rib,” said Sipe. Read More »

CalARVC members get primer on ADA laws

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(April 4, 2017) -- “When you get served with a lawsuit, there is no warning shot,” James said. “You get served with a stack of papers and a demand. Most attorneys demand about $4,000 per infraction. They will itemize the heck out of it, even over signage.” Read More » features campground activities

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(March 15, 2017) — Nothing rounds out a day of camping like sharing stories with friends and family while roasting s’mores over the campfire. But while hiking and swimming are popular daytime camping activities, growing numbers of campgrounds and RV resorts across California also offer a wide range of activities and entertainment for people of all ages. Read More »

Tent campers braving Sierra Nevada campgrounds

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(Feb. 7, 2017) — For the first time in many years, California is having a cold and wet winter with more snow than the Sierra Nevada has seen in more than a decade. But the heavy snows aren’t stopping tent camping enthusiasts from spending their weekends at the handful of Sierra Nevada campgrounds that stay open in winter. Read More »

CalARVC redesigns website for members

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(Dec. 8, 2016) — The California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) has redesigned its website at to include downloadable legal documents and other resources that are highly sought after by park operators across the state, a release from the organization stated. Read More »

Calif.: Campground raises funds for car for vet

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(Nov. 18, 2016) — When Kris Oneida met a young unemployed veteran at his church, he and his wife gave him three days of work raking up pine needles and pine cones at Wishon Village RV Park, a 20-acre forested campground in the Sierra Nevada east of Fresno. Read More »

CalARVC creates new award in honor of Bob MacKinnon


(Oct. 19, 2016) — The California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) has created a new award in honor of industry leader Bob MacKinnon to replace the Stan Martin Memorial Award, which has been CalARVC’s highest service award for nearly 40 years. Read More »

CalARVC’s RV Park Days event a success

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(Oct. 6, 2016) — More than 80 park operators learned about everything from park models to campfire programs and the latest changes to California’s employment laws during CalARVC’s RV Park Days event last week at Rancho Jurupa Park. Read More »